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It’s that time again! Now that Christmas is over it’s time to turn our thoughts to the year ahead. And that means HOLIDAYS!!! Nowadays we do it on our tablets and laptops instead of wading through piles of brochures. But the feelings of excitement, possibility, escape and fun are the same.

But don’t forget one important thing when you book. Don’t forget about us.

When you book a trip away, whether it’s skiing in Val D’Isere, trekking in Timbuktoo, sunning yourself in Spain or living the life in Los Angeles, it is vital to book your travel cover at the same time. Why? Because our travel cover isn’t just about covering you for your medical expenses or covering your luggage or documents when you are away. Our travel cover will cover you for cancellation too.

How cancellation cover can save you a bundle

This means you’ll be covered for cancellations arising from the accidental injury, serious illness, death or quarantine restrictions of any person who has been insured, anyone you are intending to travel or stay with, immediate relatives and close business associates. You'll also be covered for jury service, redundancy and trip abandonment following an unavoidable travel delay.

The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Life has a funny habit of being unpredictable and unfortunate things happen. Travel cover could save you from losing your deposit at the very least. In worst case scenarios it could save you thousands.

Don’t forget to tell us about your medical conditions

If you are living with a medical condition, then you’ll need to tell us about it when you book your cover. This is important too, because if you had to cancel a holiday because of a pre-existing condition you hadn’t told us about it would mean your policy would be invalid. Again, that could mean you lose thousands if you were to cancel. OF course, as long as you told us about your condition we’d be able to cover you if complications arose, or your conditions deteriorated. As long as you tell us, we are happy to adjust your policy accordingly.

And you’ll be covered.

Choosing the policy for the holiday you’ll be booking

It’s important to tell us about the type of things you’ll be doing on holiday when you book it, especially if it involves activities. Hundreds of them are included for free, but others – that are more adventurous – will need a little extra cover. It’s easy for us to add activity packs to your policy at any time too. Just drop us a line on 0345 90 80 161 or GET A QUOTE NOW.

Happy booking!


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