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The World First Wander: The best in adventure travel this week.

June 24th, 2016

The World First Wander: The best in adventure travel this week.

Welcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.


The World First Wander: The best in adventure travel this week.

This week it’s all about adventure. But what exactly is it? What does it mean to you? Is it a 24 hour adventure in a new city or a 6 month trek across uncharted territory? One answer, of course, is that every journey is an adventure. So come with us, once again, as we head off into the uncharted worlds of the new travel bloggers….


Do you prefer to travel solo or with friends?

The World First Wander: The best in adventure travel this week.

What makes the best adventures? A journey undertaken alone or in the company of others? Only you can decide, but our first blog, from Little Grey Box puts forward a pretty good argument for going it alone. They say that “solo travel is a way to be totally and completely selfish, in the best possible way.” What do you think? Have a read Why solo travel is so damn important and then decide…

Getting high on travel

The World First Wander: The best in adventure travel this week. getting high on travel

Very few people ever get higher than Everest base camp. At 17,600ft it is the adventure of a lifetime for many, even without an attempt at the summit. In fact, while only 6,871 people had climbed the mountain itself by February 2014, an average of around 40,000 people reach base camp each year. Why? Because it’s there we guess… Take a look at A complete guide to Everest base camp from Hippie in Heels for the full lowdown.

If you are going to go up you have to come back down again

Some of you may never heard of Adrian Ballinger. He’s a professional climber from California who recently undertook an expedition to Everest. Some of the team here followed the action all the way via  Adrian’s Strava  account. It is quite a story and well worth a read if you think you might have what it takes to get to the top. Mind you, you may have second thoughts after reading this: How a climber back from Everest, prepares for his next adventures.

Adventure in the UK

The World First Wander: The best in adventure travel this week. adventure in the UK

Sometimes you don’t need to travel all that far to have an adventure and sometimes you don’t need even need to go on holiday! Especially when the UK plays host to so many ‘adventure festivals’. We’ve got it all apparently: a man giving a safety briefing in a silver thong at Yestival to wild food foraging on Exmoor at the south west outdoors festival to a story telling workshop with a man named “creepy toad”. Fancy it? Read about UK Adventure Festivals with Anna McNuff.

4 legged Adventure

The World First Wander: The best in adventure travel this week. dog sledding

This next adventure looks amazing, especially if you are an animal lover. What better way to see Norway than by dog sled? Ok, so not everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday but it would certainly be different. So, as Emma Sleight says in this next blog post “pour a cup of tea and grab a Norwegian cinnamon bun” and head into the Norwegian wilderness with Back to the Wild – Dog Mushing in Norway.

The adventurer’s that paved the way for us.

The World First Wander: The best in adventure travel this week.

It’s easy to travel in this modern day and age. We can book a flight from the comfort of our armchair and be taking off that very afternoon without really giving it much thought. But who are the people that made all this possible? This next post may well make you think how easy we have it today (next time you’re stuck in a queue for customs) 6 Famous Explorers who made modern travel.

So that’s our adventures in travels for this week.

Where are you heading next?

Are your kids choosing a #holidaywin this summer?

June 23rd, 2016

Are your kids choosing a #holidaywin this summer?


No doubt lots of parents will be sending their kids off on holiday this summer with a heavy heart. On one hand you want them to have a great time. On the other hand you want them to be safe and come home in one piece.

It’s natural to worry. All parents do, especially when it’s a holiday in a far off land where the rules are different and it’s easy to get carried along by the excitement of sun, sand and sangria. However, there are ways you can encourage them to be safer this year. Of course, the most important is to make sure they have the right travel insurance and that it covers all the activities they will be up to.

Something else you can do is introduce them to the FCO’s new ‘Take Your Pick’ summer campaign aimed at young people. It’s all about making sure that holidays end up in a #holidaywin not a #holidayfail. If you don’t use social media it may not mean anything to you, but, trust us, it’s a great way to get an important message across. The reason for the campaign is that the FCO has seen a big rise of late in young people requiring consular assistance while abroad, so it aims to counter the trend. No one wants a #holidayfail.


The FCO is also sending out tweets and  messages from hot spot resorts around Europe to encourage young people to have fun but to be aware of the dangers of travelling without adequate insurance or forgetting about common risks faced by young people on holiday. Young people can follow various FCO accounts to get the latest from resorts like Ayia Napa (@TYPAyiaNapa ) , Magaluf (@TYPMagaluf), Ibiza (@TYPIbiza), Greece (@TYPGreece) and Sunny Beach (@TYPSunnyBeach).

holiday win

The campaign also bring home a few bits of advice that can make or break a holiday – such as keeping passports safe, making sure your travel insurance covers activities, watching your drink at all times and taking care on balconies – so it’s worth checking out.

And stop worrying! With a good travel insurance policy from World First and good advice they will be fine.

#holidaywin world first tweet 2


The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging.

June 21st, 2016

The World First Wander: The best  in travel blogging.

Welcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.

This week we are going to begin by taking a look at a few locations, including Sri Lanka and Amsterdam. Then we move on to travel tips. We have found some good ones this week! Among them are tips on travelling with your parents…. This should be interesting. But first….

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging.

Climb aboard and let’s set sail

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging.

First up this week is Weekend Candy (previously known as Travel Candy) who is a favourite here with the World First Team. We head to one of the most beautiful cities in the west in her company for An elegant weekend in Bath. If you’ve never been it is so worth the trek. Roman bathhouse, shops, cafes, beautiful architecture and the creamy hues of Bath stone everywhere…

More Weekend Travel Adventures

Amsterdam next. It’s a long-time favourite with us Brits, and for good reason. It is a wonderful place to visit with loads to see and do, from the essential Anne Frank house to the Van Gogh Museum. However,  judging by the photograph of a slice of apple pie in Mrs Ayla’s A weekend Guide to Amsterdam its seems Winkle 43 is the place to go.

Amsterdam to Rotterdam

Talking of going Dutch, let’s stick with the Netherlands for now, with Two Feet One World, a new discovery amongst the travel blogs we follow. From this post we couldn’t help but marvel at how cool Rotterdam looks – amazing architecture and stunning sea front. Never been? Us neither. Have a read of 24 hours in Rotterdam then put it on your bucket list.

Heading a little bit further afield now

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging - Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Photo courtesy of https://www.audleytravel.com

We featured a post about Rwanda a few weeks ago with Zoe Dawes over at the Quirky Traveller and this week we head back there with Heather on her Travels with a guide to gorilla trekking in Rwanda. It certainly looks utterly amazing, one of those experiences that will stay with you for life. One tip Heather mentioned is to put the camera down from time to time and be there in the moment. Fine advice.

Feeling the urge to go? We can cover your trek with Gorilla trekking travel insurance.

Sri Lanka

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging - Sri Lanka

Just one look at this next blog post will have you grabbing that passport. The photography in our next post from Helen in Wanderlust is stunning. What we like about this post is that Helen wasn’t afraid to talk about a few of the things she didn’t like – it’s something to consider when planning a trip. So, for a balanced view, have a read of The things I loved about Sri Lanka (and the things I didn’t).

The best travel tips, all in one place

So we have looked at a few of our favourite locations this week, now it’s time to have a look at some of the best travel tips to come out of the travel blogging world over the last week or so:

Common travel mistakes

They say we learn from our mistakes. However it’s often better to learn from the mistakes of others before making the same ones ourselves! That’s when it really pays read advice from travel bloggers all around the world who are happy to share advice and make travel easier. First up, The travelling Canucks, who have put together a list of 10 common family travel mistakes (and how to avoid them).

Let’s make it ‘epic’

The experience of travel can be “epic”. It can be life affirming and humbling at the same time. So, from someone who has had it all, here are some thoughts on The art of the epic adventure from Almost Fearless. They are putting on a free, six week online course that starts in a few weeks’ time. Fancy it? Pop over and connect with them…

Teens that travel

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging - Teens that travel

We love hearing about teenagers heading off on their first adventures. Gretta from Mums Do Travel is currently a fretful mum as her daughter is off inter railing around Europe this summer. If you are in the same situation you should read our article on how to wave them off with a smile then take a look at Gretta’s  post What to do when your teen goes travelling. And then don’t forget to make sure they have decent travel cover.

Thinking of travelling with mum and dad?

Does the idea of going on holiday with your folks fill you with dread? Some of us here in the office have said that it would be a nightmare whereas others relish the thought of spending quality time with their parents. But where do you stand? Have a read of why you should travel with your parents from the World Wanderer for an interesting perspective.

That rounds up this week’s World First Wander. We have covered a fair bit of ground this week and hopefully given you some food for thought. Have fun.

Fancy something unusual? Our travel insurance will cover it.

June 16th, 2016

Fancy something unusual? Our travel insurance will cover it.

You’re an adventurous sort. You like to try new things on holiday. You aren’t afraid of a few outlandish activities. But bridge swinging? Is that a swing too far? Would the idea of it put you off?

Us neither.

Here at World First we cover lots of sports and activities free of charge. These are the kind of things that you’ll have the chance to do on your holidays that are pretty low risk. Like aerobics or archery, thatching or yoga. We cover them because the risk to you is low. But, when you start to get more extreme in your choices, we then need to add what we call ‘activity packs’ to your policy. We have 8 if them and they cover everything up to the high risk end of sports activities such as para skiing and sky diving. Each of these activity packs add a little more to your premium because of the increased risk – but it’s definitely worth it.

Don’t go without telling us

The most important thing to remember when taking part in extreme sports is that you tell us. We can then put you on the right cover so that if something happens we can cover you. Conversely, if you don’t have the right cover then we won’t cover you if you take part in a sport that’s not on your policy. It’s as simple as that.

What we cover…

If you can think of it then we can cover it. That’s the message. But just don’t forget to tell us before you go (or before you do it).

You ready for adventure? Here are some of the more bizarre events we cover.

Bridge Swinging

This is where you attach a rope to a bridge and swing directly underneath at high speed, often over water (but not always). It looks absolutely horrific. Take a look at the video in this article from the Beyond Blighty Travel Blog, which was filmed at the largest in the world, Nevis Swing (a drop of 134 metres) ….if you are crazy enough we can insure you…

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill Mountain Biking - Fancy something unusual? Our travel insurance will cover it.

With many Ski locations turning into biking resorts during the snow-free summer months, downhill riding has seen huge growth over the last decade. It is amazing fun and hugely exhilarating. You don’t even need to peddle all the way to the top anymore.  And we can cover it. If your idea of a great holiday is hurtling down a hill on a bike the we have just the travel policy you will need.

Free Diving

Free Diving Our travel insurance will cover it.

Free diving is the art of diving without any kind of breathing apparatus. They say it gets you closer to marine life than normal (no bubbles to scare the fish) and you can go deeper than recreational diving (because you aren’t taking on nitrogen into your blood stream) but it’s not without risk and is definitely one that you will want to be insured for. We can cover you.

Iron Man

Fancy something unusual? Our travel insurance will cover Iron Man

This is the extreme version of a triathlon: a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile cycle and finished off with a mere 26.2 mile run. It’s not the most relaxing way to spend a holiday but you would be amazed at how many people we insure for this. Apparently not everyone wants to lie on a deck chair sipping pina coladas throughout their holiday. If extreme physical exertion is your idea of a holiday, speak to us.


Jousting travel insurance

Admittedly we don’t insure many people for Jousting holidays, but just knowing that we can gives us hope that maybe the Club 18-30 Jousting holiday may become a trend. If it ever does, we can cover you!


This sport was invented in the 1950’s by bored swimmers. It looks a lot of fun and a great workout. Armed with a snorkel and mask, flippers and a water polo helmet (they protect your ears) it’s like underwater hockey. More info on the British Octopush Association website.


This is a traditional sport in Brazil played with a hand shuttlecock. It is similar to volleyball and is said to be as old as Brazil. Just get the right cover – from us!

Sand Dune Surfing

Sand Dune Surfing insurance

Climb to the top of a large Sand dune. Strap in. Go downhill very quickly. How hard can it be?  Unofficial speeds have been reported in excess of 60mph so it’s you definitely want to be covered for…

Slack Lining

Slack Lining Our travel insurance will cover it.

Ever been to your local park and seen someone on a really low tight rope and wondered what they are up to? That’s slacklining. The major difference between it and tight ropewalking is that the line has less tension so you get a much more bouncy ride. You can try a few different types: urban lining, trick lining, water lining. Fancy trying it? Give us a call.

Unicycle riding

Perfect for when two wheels is one too many. It’s difficult but still insurable, which is good news.

For more, take a look at sports and activities covered in your Wold First Travel Insurance.

Holiday reading: rediscovering Britain with ‘national treasure’ Bill Bryson

June 14th, 2016

Holiday reading: rediscovering Britain with ‘national treasure’ Bill Bryson

Holiday reading: rediscovering Britain with ‘national treasure’ Bill Bryson

If you are inclined to homesickness when you are on your holidays then Bill Bryson’s latest tome about Britain, ‘The Road to Little Dribbling’ will be the perfect antidote this summer. In fact, the very best place to read the latest in our suggestions of great holiday reads will be on a sun lounger, by a pool, near a cocktail bar somewhere in Europe. From that safe distance you’ll be able to savour Bryson’s latest ode to travelling in Britain.

As follow up to the massively successful and best-selling ‘Notes from a Small Island’, this latest work (published in 2015) follows Bryson’s latest exploration of Britain, from Bognor Regis to Cape Wrath as he struggles to come to terms with the changing landscape and his own grumpiness. There are things about Britain that he loves and things he hates and things that annoy him so terribly that only a foreigner (who has now become and naturalised citizen)dare say out loud.

Bryson’s journey is funny and moving and offers snippets of life on our small island as seen from the point of view of a man who has little patience for the fecklessness, ineptitude and idiocy. He is also a man who seeks out the curious and takes joy in the simple things. So his book about Britain is a book about change and the unchanged. It’ offers a vivid insight into who and how we are and takes solace in our open spaces. In short, as an honorary Brit, Bryson is more Brit than most of us.

Hence why this book is perfect for a summer read. As Bryson takes buses in the rain and schlepps from one gloomy guest house to another we can really enjoy our country for what it is: an island on the edge of Europe that gets an awful lot of weather, can be absolutely dreadful at times but that also has moments of brilliance between the showers.

That’s home. And I bet when you say goodbye to your sangria and sunshine you’ll be dying to get back here.

Enjoy the sun!

Buy your copy from Amazon.

P.S. Don’t forget your travel cover! Get a quote now.

The World First Wander: the best of this week’s travel blogs

June 13th, 2016

The World First Wander: the best of this week’s travel blogs

Welcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.

As always we have packed this week’s wander from top to bottom with some of our favourite blogs from the last seven days. One subject that’s been popular this week has been travel fitness. We like to think we are a pretty fit bunch here at World First. Our MD Martin does high intensity workouts before work, his PA Jemma runs marathons and Tristan and Shushanah are often to be found running up and over something steep on Dartmoor, it’s a subject that’s close to all our hearts.

Everyone loves a top tip. Here are some more…

Everyone loves a top tip. Here are some more…

It can be tricky to balance travel and fitness. But if you make fitness part of your daily routine it becomes a lot easier. Or at least that’s what the writer of our first blog post this week says. Jodie from The Little Backpacker explains it all in tips for keeping fit while travelling.

Finding the right on-the-go fitness plan

Are you ready to enter the minefield that is ‘finding the right plan for you’? Will it be pilates or yoga, running or the gym? If you have trouble deciding then it could be time to enlist the help of  Bitten by the Travel Bug who has written a great blog post about some of her favourite types of workout, all of which are travel friendly.  Ready to begin? Have a look at 7 travel friendly workouts for everyone.

Finding the right on-the-go fitness plan

No excuses

No excuses

It’s really easy to find excuses not to exercise while travelling. But if you need more help then our next post from Lizzie Earl  on the Intrepid Escape travel blog will keep you in the zone. Bust a few moves with No Excuses: 3 tips for keeping fit when travelling.

A great way to keep healthy and enjoy the scenery

A great way to keep healthy and enjoy the scenery

We love hiking here at World First and have been insuring hikers and mountaineers for years. It is one of those activities that people will happily do on holiday when they wouldn’t consider it at home. And it’s a great way to keep in shape and see the local scenery at the same time. Our next post takes us to Italy and the Sentiero Azzurro, a route that connects 5 villages of the Cinqu Terre. It looks like incredible hiking. Just make sure you read the final tips at the end of this piece by Aussie Flashpackers. The photography is fantastic. An incredible day hiking the five villages of Cinque Terre.

One of the most famous trails in the World

One of the most famous trails in the World

It has to be Mach Picchu. And what better way to see it vicariously than in the company of Ruth Clifford, one of the Bald Hiker crew. If this blog post doesn’t have you reaching for your hiking boots then nothing will. Judging by the photographs in The magic of Machu Picchu it’s worth every sweaty step.

Hiking and pregnancy

Hiking might not be the first choice of activity for expectant mothers but some women can’t hang up their hiking boots that easily. Kate from Babyroutes is one such mum to be who is determined to combine parenthood with her love of walking. She advises all mums to be to consult a midwife or doctor before doing anything new or vaguely strenuous. And if you do, then take a look at her 11 tips for hiking when pregnant.

Where not to go this summer

Normally in the World First Wander we prefer to offer ideas for great places to travel rather than places to avoid. But it’s still worth taking a look at a few locations in order to avoid the ‘holiday from hell’. So, let’s introduce the next post, from Emma’s Travel tales, which is all about places to steer well clear of in high summer… you have been warned!  Places to avoid travelling to in summer.

Mum I’m fine

Our last post this week is for mums of intrepid travellers everywhere. It’s also for the forgetful sons and daughters who breeze off without a thought for the folks back home. You could learn something from this next post! And Jonathon Quinonez we salute you. Raise a smile for Thoughtful guy travels, doesn’t forget to let his mum know he is fine.

Until Next week.





The World First Wander: the week’s best travel blogs

June 9th, 2016

The World First Wander: the week’s best travel blogs

Welcome to another World First Wander. Each week we scour the internet to find the best travel blogs from around the world so you don’t have to. So, when you are looking for travel inspiration and information, look no further! Come with us on our World First Wander.

It’s been another great week in travel blogging and, as always, it’s been hard to decide which travel blogs to include. However, as usual we’ve tried to include a little of something for everybody. And first up it’s a blog all about unusual destinations…

Summertime…and the living is easy

the week's best travel blogs

So with summer now having officially started here in the UK (according to the Met Office) we turn our attention to finding a perfect location for the summer trip. Not everybody books their summer hols in January (a lot do) which is why our last minute travel insurance comes in handy. Keep it at the back of your mind if you have yet to book anything! And if you haven’t then you might well enjoy reading  5 Unusual Summer Destinations from Wander Mum. She’s enlisted the help of fellow travel bloggers to list their favourite unusual destinations.

From Unusual to Secret

It’s debatable whether there are any real secret destinations left – especially with social media exposing absolutely everything –  but there are still some places that have yet to be invaded by mass tourism. Terelj in Mongolia and Appi in Japan are two of those places… So, in the interest of not telling too many secrets, take a look at Top Secret Destinations you must visit soon.

What are the Alternatives?

Okay, we’re moving from the secret to the alternatives now, with our friends Global Grasshopper who have some great advice on city destinations to do on a budget. Checkout  The Secret 7 – Alternative European cities to visit on a budget if you want to see some of Europe’s more unusual corners and don’t want to spend a fortune doing it.

In search of the beautiful

In search of the beautiful

From the budget to the beautiful now. Of course, beauty is subjective, so feel free to tell us about places that you think could be more beautiful than 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, However, judging by the images in the blog they would be hard to beat… But does Dubrovnic trump Santorini? Or does Turkey take the top prize from Iceland… Read on to find out in this most beautiful of blogs…

Tips from the Top

One of the things we really love about putting the World First Wander together each week is looking at all the travel tips that experienced travellers share, from the obvious (but maybe we never thought of) to the ridiculous (which we will use immediately). The internet, of course has its uses and it is a veritable treasure trove of hints, tips and information. And this next post may well be extremely useful as it’s all about making sure you don’t get scammed on your holidays. It’s from  Scribble Snap Travel and it’s 8 Ways to keep your money safe while you travel. It could be the most valuable post you read today.

How to stay within a budget while travelling

How to stay within a budget while travelling

Keeping your money on track will be something that any traveller will know only too well. DO you forgo the small luxuries to be able to afford the big ones or do you blow it all on good living and go cattle class? Everyone does it differently. Our next blog is all about Creating and sticking to a travel budget, something that isn’t always that easy. But with help from Terri Fogarty from Europe Up Close you’ll be able to take a look at your budget basics and make your money go further… perhaps start with a great value travel insurance policy?!

Winning hearts and minds with Samantha

We insure lots of people with all sorts of different medical conditions. One of the most common issues is heart problems. That’s why we have included our next blog. It’s from Samantha Rickleton, an award winning blogger who has been on a mission to lose weight and be a little kinder to her heart. So if you are looking to be a little healthier and fitter this year, take a read of 5 ways I am looking after my heart On the North East Family Fun blog.

We finish off this week with a great post from Get in the Hot Spot. Last week we included a post about how to overcome shyness through travel, so we thought it’s be good to include something about keeping the mind healthy too. How to believe in yourself offers some interesting insights into the sort of things that hold us back…it’s a great read.

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s selection. If you enjoyed it, please let us know. Tell us who your favourite bloggers are or what kind of posts you prefer. Heck, maybe you write a travel blog that we haven’t included!! If so, get in touch by leaving a comment below.

Until next week.

Turkey terror attacks: where you stand with World First

June 8th, 2016

Turkey terror attacks: where you stand with World First

Turkey terror attacks

Over 2,500, 000 British nationals visit Turkey every year. Despite terror attacks it is still considered a safe country to visit.

We live in troubled times. And now, after the most recent terror attack in Turkey on Tuesday, you may be thinking twice about your travel plans.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office say that “Turkey is generally safe to travel but you should take additional safety precautions. You should be alert to your surroundings and remain vigilant in crowded places popular with tourists.” They have not advised against travel to Turkey, with the exception of some cities and the areas near to the border with Syria, where they advise against all but essential travel. These are detailed in the FCO’s Foreign Travel Advice page on the ‘Know Before you Go’ website.

If you are booked to travel to Turkey this summer and are considering cancelling, this must be done through tour operator as our policies do not cover terrorism or the threat of it. However, we are more than happy to shift your travel policy to an alternative destination and date if your tour operator offers you alternatives. We will do this without administrative charges or extra costs.

Also, if you are offered a full refund by your travel agent or tour operator, because you cannot move the trip to an alternative destination, we will, of course offer a full refund on your policy on the understanding that no claim be made against the policy.

Want to chat about your trip? Call us on 0345 90 80 161.

What’s on in Devon this half term?

June 1st, 2016

What’s on in Devon this half term?

With half term half way through it’s time to get creative with the kids and fill the rest of your week with fun and excitement. So. What’s going to get them _ and keep them – interested this half term? We put our thinking caps on. Come rain or shine we have something here for everybody.

whats on devon photo1

Hit the South West Coast Path

We are lucky enough to have 630 miles of beautiful coastline here in the south west and some of it is truly stunning. So it’s a great place to hit the trail and get the kids out into the fresh air.

Check out southwestcoastpath.org for places to start and finish and walk ideas…

Photo 2

whats on devon photo

Going to the beach? Thank it with a #2minutebeachclean

2 minute beach clean whats on in devon

If hitting the beach is part of your half term, then this next idea is brilliant. It’s the brainchild of Martin Dorey, a writer who often writes for us here at the World First Blog and we love it. All you have to do is pick up litter for 2 minutes and see what you find. You might spot pieces of Lego or toy soldiers or even Smartie lids from the 1970s. And why does it matter? Plastics harm marine life so every bit that’s taken off the beach makes a difference to the health of our oceans.

And kids love doing it. You can find #2minutebeachclean stations at locations around the coast HERE.

Need more info? Head over to the 2 minute beach clean website.

Hit the surf

We think a trip to the beach without going surfing is a trip to the beach wasted. Quite a few of us surf so we’d always recommend it! Surfing is guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face this half term, although parents must be warned that getting your children addicted to the water is going to involve a lot of parental taxi work to and from the beach.

whats on in devon - Hit the surf

So if you want to ride the waves safely this half term it’s a great idea to get a few lessons. That’s where a surf school really comes in handy. Take a look at North Devon Surf School for more details.

Take the high road at Haldon Forest

This is a great one for when the weather is good. Haldon Forest is truly beautiful and what better way to see it than from above whilst flying along a 235m long zip wire? Or how about a tree top adventure? Kids love Go Ape, it’s the perfect adventure. For more, see their website. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground then the walks in and around the forest are just as spectacular.

When mother nature isn’t on our side

A back up plan is essential for half term. So how about some  wet weather activities…

Climbing the walls?

Clip ‘n’ Climb in Exeter is a real favourite with children, so when they have you climbing the walls you can let them climb the walls instead. There is a dedicated children’s climbing wall at the centre and children are clipped into safety ropes at all times. If they are feeling brave they can take the leap of faith! Climbing is a fabulous healthy activity that the kids will be talking about for a long time after they go back to school.


There are quite a few soft play centres in Devon. As any parent knows they are another great way to work off some of that excess energy. Three of the most popular ones are listed below. They have also been tested by some of the World First team and their children.

Funderzone – Barnstaple 

Bear Feet – Newton Abbot and Exeter

The Okey Cokey – Okehampton

Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery – Exeter

Exeter’s ‘home to a million thoughts’,  The RAMM Museum, is located in one of Exeter most stunning buildings on  Queen Street.  Children will love exploring it. They will be able to find out about the story of Exeter and Devon from the prehistoric to the present day. It’s one of the most visited museums in the South West and for good reason – it’s brilliant. Perfect for a culturally rich day out in Devon’s first city. Oh, aand the salt beef stack in the café is amazing.

Find about more about the RAMM museum by visiting their website HERE. 

Exeter’s Underground Passages

Feeling agoraphobic? The network of medieval passages hidden beneath the streets of Exeter will soon change that. They were originally built to bring clean water to the city and are unique to Exeter. Exploring them doesn’t take long but it’s a real thrill to crawl or squeeze through tunnels that have been there for centuries.

You can read about them here on the BBC website and book tickets at the Exeter.gov website.

Crealy Adventure Park and Resort

Always a firm favourite with children, Crealy has over 60 rides and attractions and is sat in 100 acres in East Devon. From The Animal kingdom to Meerkat Manor and the Lost World of Atlantis, just keep your eye out for our MD as he and his children are Crealy crazy. Watch the video and you’ll see why.

Have fun!

The World First Wander: travel blogs we love this week

May 31st, 2016

The World First Wander: travel blogs we love this week

Welcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.

It’s been another great week in travel and travel writing. As always it’s been tricky deciding what to keep in. However, in the interest of democracy, we have worked doubly hard to find something for everyone. So whether you are young or not-so-young, a seasoned traveller or a first time backpacker, read on!

travel blogs we love this week

We start off this week with regular visitors to the World First Wander, our friends over at Hand Luggage only. They write interesting travel articles that are always accompanied by brilliant photography. That’s why we love their blog. Some people don’t need a reason to travel, but others do, so if you fall into the camp of the latter, this first post may help you along. It was written by Yaya, the Hand Luggage Only’s resident dance ninja, Cambridge graduate and cookie monster. She’s also a fine travel writer: 10 Reasons why you should travel more this year.

Also well worth checking out from Hand Luggage Only is: 14 Important tips to stay safe when travelling!

Thinking of travelling more than once this year? Then check out our Annual travel insurance policy . It will save you ££££ if you are a regular traveller.

Backpacking in a Wheelchair

This next post, from James Ballardie from Look at all the Poor People is, without doubt, our favourite travel blog post this week.  It’s a tale of adventure, naturally, but also includes tales of the kindness that people show other humans, and shows us that you should never judge a book by its cover. It’s a great read. Things I learnt whilst backpacking around the world in a wheelchair.

Using travel to overcome personal limitations

Most of us have a personal limitation of some sort, whether it’s a fear of flying or a phobia of creepy crawlies. Shyness is one thing that, apparently, a lot of travellers suffer with, We see them tweeting and creating amazing Facebook status updates and they seem to ooze confidence, but sometimes the reality is slightly different to what It may seem. That’s where our next post comes in. It’s from Travel on the Brain and is all about combatting shyness through travel. Have a read of 10 ways to overcome shyness through travel.


Let’s take a look at some travel bloggers talking about destination choices now. First up we head to a firm favourite amongst us British travellers, Spain

travel Destinations - spain

Our first destination guide this week comes from Adventure in You. It was written by Tom and Anna, a couple who are currently based in the UK but are planning on going to Ecuador next, according to their blog. They have written A guide to planning your dream trip to Spain.  As they say “Spain is probably one of our favourite places on Earth”. They are not alone. According to a recent article in the Daily Express, Spain has recently had a huge spike in visitors from the UK, so if you are among the many planning to travel to Spain this summer it’s well worth a read.

A bit closer to home – Northern Ireland

A bit closer to home – Northern Ireland the giants causeway ireland

While Spain may be perfect for some, others may prefer something a little closer to home and slightly more rugged. It doesn’t get much more rugged than Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast which the team here at World First thought looked stunning. This blog was written by another of our favourite bloggers and regular visitor to these pages, Heather on her Travels. Have a read of The Star of the Coast – The Giant’s Causeway.

New York New York

Ever popular and always amazing, New York is a magnet for tourists from all over the world, but if you are planning a first time visit to the big apple then it can be a bewildering place! But with a bit of help from The Travelettes and their Top 10 Travel Tips for New York City blog post you will soon be virtually a local, ish.


Now you are probably thinking Rwanda??? It’s not the first place you think of for a trip but when our next travel blogger writes we always take notice. As The Quirky Traveller says “Rwanda is quite simply one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited”, and if you follow the blog you will know that’s saying something as she has been to a lot of countries. Take a look! 5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Remarkable Rwanda.

For the adventurous souls

We love adventure, and every year we insure lots of people doing all sorts of adventurous activities including bouldering, canyoning , glacier walking and jousting….yes, really, jousting. The list of activities we can insure is a long one, so when it comes to adventure travel we can help,

We love adventure, and every year we insure lots of people doing all sorts of adventurous activities including bouldering, canyoning , glacier walking and jousting….yes, really, jousting.

If you are looking for adventure but are unsure about where to go, our next post could be just the ticket. It’s from Total Travel Guide and should give you a few ideas for adventure travel destinations and what they have to offer, from skiing in Canada to climbing in Arizona. Inspiration aplenty here in 10 destinations for adventure sports lovers.

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