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How much would you pay for hassle free parking with your ski gear?

packing all the ski gear into the carNow that half term is over and the drizzle has set in, it could well be time to start looking forward to Christmas – and a winter break in the snow. With exchange rates making Europe a costly exercise for many would-be boarders and skiers, we’re all going to be looking for a bargain. And that means taking a good look at every aspect of your holiday, from the cost of your insurance to all those little holiday extras. They can soon add up.

Take airport parking for instance. You’ve got to start somewhere, so it might as well be at the beginning. A couple of weeks in an airport car park is going to add about £90 to the cost of your trip (based on BAA’s quote for 2 weeks at Heathrow Terminal 4 in November). But it’s in a long stay car park. And that means it’s going to be away from the terminal. So you’ll have to wait up to 8 minutes for a bus ride that takes about 7 minutes to reach the terminal. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Now add your ski gear, luggage and, of course, the kids. It’s not looking quite such a good deal is it? And that’s the point.  You can go to great lengths to save a few pounds, but in the end, is it worth the hassle? At some airports you can park off site and get a bus or a taxi, but how stressed are you going to be when you get there?

So, what if you could drive right up to the terminal, unload your bags, skis, poles, car seats and kids straight onto a trolley (except the kids of course) and stroll to check in? It’ll only take a couple of minutes! How much would you pay for that? Surprisingly, you can enjoy valet parking for just a few pounds more (in some cases it can work out cheaper) when you book through World First's partners, Essential Travel. For that you drop off your car right outside the terminal building, hand over the keys and then pick it up again when you return. For a few quid more you could even get them to wash the car for you.

Ok, so the washing might be a little extravagant, but why not go for it? As long as it’s secure (all car parks used are secure car parks) then it's a no brainer. A hassle free start and end to your holiday? Yes please! And the great thing about meet and greet parking? You can book online.

And if you still need to save a few pennies without compromising on your holiday, take a look at World First’s great value ski cover. Benefits include cover for off-piste skiing, £5 million medical cover, loss or damage to your skis, off-piste cover, and money back if you can’t use you lift-pass due to illness or injury. And, of course, it’s hassle free – you can book it online anytime, even if you’ve got a medical condition.

If you have an accident on the slopes (or off them) World First will make sure that you get the care you deserve. So if you break a leg or sprain an ankle you won’t have to worry about anything other than getting home (or back to your car) comfortably and safely.

Perhaps you’d better think about the valet parking after all!

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