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flight is delayed or cancelledWhat do I do if my British Airways flight is delayed or cancelled?

You may be a little concerned by the recent turn of events at British Airways. Legal action and reconciliation notwithstanding, the company is considering cancelling large chunks of its timetable over the Christmas period following a vote for strike action by its cabin staff.

Assuming the strike goes ahead, this will mean extensive cancellations and re-booking and consequently a large number of insurance claims due to travel delays that are widely expected.

So what will your World First travel insurance policy actually cover should you need to claim?

If your policy was issued on or before 2nd November when the strike ballot was first announced, you will be entitled to something called Travel Delay Benefit that covers hold ups caused by strikes, industrial action or security alerts. So,

  • If you booked your flight on or before 2nd November, you will be covered if you check in and your flight is then delayed due to strike action - refer to your Policy Wording for specific terms, conditions and exclusions.
  • If you are booked to travel between 22nd December 2009 and 2nd January 2010 and for 48 hours on either side of those dates and you would like to take a flight at a different time, you can change to another BA flight departing in the next twelve months at no charge. To do this, contact BA.
  • If your flight is actually cancelled following of industrial action, BA will offer you the option to refund, the opportunity to rebook on a different flight or reroute your journey on another BA flight. Again, contact BA.

Should you rebook on another airline completely, unfortunately you won’t be covered for any financial loss or expense incurred, although there’s every chance BA will give you some kind of refund. However, at World First we realise that travel plans can and do change and if you decide to change your flight times and go on holiday at a different time of the year altogether then we'll happily amend your travel insurance and move it to the new dates.

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