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Close to home: why holidaying in the UK this year might beat going abroad

And where to find the perfect travel insurance policy for holidaying at home.

Fine dining, golden-sanded beaches, picture-postcard coastal scenery, pastoral countryside, world-famous cities and a vast choice of accommodation; there’s one place that has it all. And it’s right on your doorstep.

Yes, more and more of us are deciding to take our holidays at home in good ol’ Blighty. With purse-strings being tightened at every turn and the cost of foreign holidays continuing to spiral, people are waking up to the fact that giving up on foreign travels doesn’t have to mean going without your annual getaway. For many the UK will do just fine, thanks very much.

There’s no need to buy travel insurance either, right? Well, kind of. But consider what might happen if you had to cancel a booking at your dream cottage in the Cotswolds at the last minute. You could be left substantially out of pocket. Fortunately there’s a policy that’s absolutely perfect for UK holidays.

And you can find out more below.

A boost to British tourism

New research by West Cornwall Cottage Holidays has revealed that more and more of us are choosing to holiday in the UK. The reasoning behind this trend is clear. They found that a typical holiday abroad could cost a family over £1,000 more than the equivalent holiday in Cornwall. The figures were based on a week-long self catering holiday for a family of four in Crete, booked with a major high street retailer.

The diminished strength of the pound against the euro is another reason to think twice about a trip to the continent. With less euro for your pound, the days of comparatively cheap foreign wining, dining and exploring are sadly gone.

>> Find out more about the importance of the exchange rate in our recent blog post: More sun for your money.

Subsequently, West Cornwall Cottage Holidays have found that bookings for their cottage holidays are up. And all the signs are that this surge in home-tourism is by no means limited to Cornish cottages. Who can forget that great British tradition of the humble B&B? They stand to benefit too. Happily, just last week The Guardian reported that TripAdvisor had announced UK B&Bs to be the best in the world.

Why insurance is still important

But whether you choose to stay in a hotel, a cottage, a B&B or a caravan, there is one insurance policy you shouldn’t go anywhere without. It’s called HotelSure. Consider this: a lot of the time you will have to lay down a hefty non-refundable deposit when you book your accommodation. And if you have to cancel your holiday, you could, depending on the cancellation policy of the establishment you book with, end up paying the full tariff of your booking. Even without spending a single night there.

That’s where HotelSure comes in. Policies include cover for up to £2,000 of cancellation and curtailment charges per person. So if you should have to cancel your accommodation at the last minute, perhaps down to illness or something similarly unfortunate and unexpected, you will be able to recover any money you lost. The cover also includes protection for your luggage, documents, money and personal accident cover while on holiday.

Peace of mind starts from just £15. And premiums are unaffected by the type of accommodation you choose. If you would like to find out more about our HotelSure policies, visit

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