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World First Weekly Wander

The internet is bursting with information for travel fans. But with so many new travel tips and holiday hints published by the minute, how do you keep up? Our new blog series will help. It’s called World First Weekly Wander and it’s a super-easy, super-speedy way to stay informed.

Sound good?

Each week we’ll give you a quick summary of the rumblings in travel cyberspace. All you need to do is scan our weekly post, read the synopses of the ten best articles we’ve found, and pick which you want to read. Simple. We stay on top of all the blogs that matter as well as many others that are more under-the-radar. The result is a weekly collection of the most helpful, informative and entertaining travel stories out there. Perfect.

Right, that’s the introduction over with. Here’s what’s been hot in the travel blogosphere over the last seven days.


Five essential/useless items for travellers
Family on Bikes

This blog follows a family on a two and a half year trip cycling from Alaska to Argentina. Here’s a snappy post about which items they couldn’t be without, and those that are just a waste of space.

Twitter: @familyonbikes

Tips for renting a car around the world
Beers & Beans

Renting a car while you’re on holiday can sometimes be a bit of a lottery. If you’re looking for advice on how to make sure your holiday motor is comfortable and reliable rather than the proverbial old banger, this article is just the ticket.

Twitter: @beersandbeans

What an Astronaut’s Camera Sees [Video]

Ever wondered what Earth looks like from space? Wonder no more after checking out this beautiful compilation of footage from astronauts’ digital cameras, with commentary by NASA’s Dr. Justin Wilkinson.

Twitter: @vagabondish

Summer Sun Protection and Swim Gear for Kids
Delicious Baby

We all know how to keep ourselves safe in the sun. But what about the kids? Here’s how to make sure your little ones are fully protected for fun in the sun.

Twitter: @deliciousbaby

How to Survive a Tornado
Lonely Planet

When you go on holiday, it’s all too easy to switch off and think that the unexpected won’t happen. But it does. And of all the things you take on holiday, a few simple pieces of advice could be the most important.

Twitter: @lonelyplanet

How to: Use chopsticks like a pro
Matador Network

Travelling to Asia? Then this light-hearted post is essential reading if you’re keen to avoid culinary catastrophe.

Twitter: @matadornetwork

The Top Five Most and Least Essential Mindsets for Travel
Got Passport

Packing the suitcase is one thing. But are you mentally prepared for your holiday? You will be after reading this post from Got Passport.

Twitter: @gotpassport

Things You Don’t Know About Thailand
Johnny Vagabond

Thought you knew Thailand? Here’s an insider’s account that might just reveal a surprise or two.

Twitter: @johnnyvagabond

5 Ways to Fit In With the Locals When Travelling Abroad

No traveller wants to visit a foreign country and expose themselves to the locals as the stereotypical tourist. Here are some tips on how to avoid it.

Twitter: @vagabondish

A Motorcycle Adventure from Buenos Aires to Cordoba

Mammoth motorcycle journeys are tricky enough, without attempting to complete them in a single day. Suffice to say, this is a trip that didn’t quite work out as planned, as is explained in this humorous first person account.

Twitter: @globotreks

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