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Travel insurance for cervical cancer

Travel insurance for cervical cancer

Travel insurance for cervical cancer

Finding reliable travel insurance that covers cervical cancer can be very difficult. We make it easier.

Most people have no idea how widespread cervical cancer is. It claims the lives of 1,000 British women every year. There are 3,000 new diagnoses a year and it’s the second most common cancer in women under 35.

Those numbers are frightening. But Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust has an encouraging message to spread during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which takes place from 21st - 27th January.

Why are we concerned? For patients and survivors of cervical cancer, getting good travel insurance can be difficult. Premiums are often prohibitively high. And some insurers simply refuse to cover travellers who have cancer in their medical history. We’re not one of them.

We give cancer patients and survivors the cover they need to go anywhere in the world. And we do it at a price that’s fair. Medical travel insurance is our specialism and we cover hundreds of conditions week in, week out. The benefits of our cover are available on our cancer travel insurance page.

Back to Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. That message Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is so keen to spread? Cervical cancer is largely preventable and, if caught early, survival rates are high. Visit Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’s website to access free resources (like posters, symptoms lists and survival stories), share the message and make a difference.

Because 3,000 new diagnoses a year is 3,000 too many.

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