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Just Cruising. The World First Wander.

Just Cruising. The World First Wander.

Just Cruising. The World First Wander.

Hello again. Welcome to another wander around the internet with me, Tristan Rothwell.

The big news of the moment is the soaring temperatures in the UK. It has got me thinking about cooling off under the proverbial garden hose. Just like I did the last time we had a spell of summer like this. That was way back in the glory days of the long hot summer to end all long hot summers, 1976. Long may it continue.

So, yes, back to this month’s theme: watery adventures, or more precisely, cruising, sailing and catching a cargo ship around the world.

Sounds exciting? It can be.

First let’s head off to see The Quirky Traveller who has a great post on finding special interest cruises.  I will be the first to admit that I imagine cruising wouldn’t really be my thing but something like a whale watching cruise to Norway would really turn my head. Then again, so might a diving cruise. Or a food and drink cruise. Now we are talking. Lots of cruises are all inclusive so, with everything included, you might just find one for you…. Sign me up!

So what if you like the idea of a cruise but don’t know where to start looking? No problem shipmates.  Gary Bembridge has written lots of excellent information about his experiences to help get you landlubbers on the water. Check out his  cruising page.

Always one to do something a bit different, our friend Bex ( @adventuregreece ) decided not to take a run of the mill cruise route and opted instead to sail to Hong Kong  on the Hanjin Boston, a 30,000 ton freighter. Her story is here on her Overland to Hong Kong blog.

If you like the idea of taking a freighter trip then I found a post from The Cruise People that may help. How to book a round the world cargo ship voyage.

Most people who cruise get ‘the cruising bug’ do it time and time again because they enjoy it so much. But what happens when they get home and face reality where you have to pay for your drinks and where there’s no one to turn down your pillow last thing at night?  Cruise Miss from Newcastle has the answers, so if you’ve got the  post cruise blues brighten up your day now!

Cruises not for you? How about sailing?

August 3 – 10 is Cowes Week , one of the world’s most famous sailing events.

You can follow it on Twitter 

Staying with the nautical theme I love this Pinterest page: Sail Boat Party

I follow John Honeywell AKA @captgreybeard on twitter and I spotted this on his blog. It is perfect for the person who loves the idea of a cruise but is worried about seasickness: Cruise ships stranded on dry land. Genius!

Finally, a word about travel insurance! Cruise operators insist that all passengers have adequate cover, especially when it comes to emergency medical cover. As you can imagine, getting sick at sea might not always be straightforward. Or cheap.

However, our cruise travel insurance can be. And we’ll cover shore excursions, cabin confinement and also give you up to £10,000 of cancellation cover. We can cover medical conditions too and will cover people up to the age of 100 - because you’re never too old to see the world.


This post was written by Tristan Rothwell who you can follow on Twitter @wftristan. He’s the face of the World First travel blog and keeps travel-lovers up to date on Twitter with breaking news and travel tips.

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