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The best half term family holiday destinations.

The best half term family holiday destinations

The best half term family holiday destinations. Have you been googling again?

Hands up who spent their lunch hour looking at flights to Europe during half term? Thought so. Even we’re doing it. After a summer of sunshine at home we deserve a last blast of sangria and serotonin before winter kicks in for good, don’t we? But where is the best place to head for a short haul quickie during late autumn in Europe? It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask during the afternoon slump, while browsing at lunchtime or even on the bus on the way home. It’s certainly beats looking out of the window at the drizzle doesn’t it?

So, to save you the bother of doing all that ‘legwork’ we thought it’d be nice to take a peek at where might be nice to head with the family (or even without the family) this half term.

The general rule, naturally, is to do like the birdies do and head south. In that case, better make our first fantasy holiday stop off the coast of Africa at The Canary Islands, where average minimum temperatures in October are 20 degrees. The average maximum is 25, whilst it’s not unknown for heady highs of over 30 degrees at this time of year. Rainfall is among the lowest in Europe too, with just 27mm expected on average during October. Book me in! The great thing about the Canaries is the choice of destinations, with everything from package deal heaven for those who want to do the Macarena every night on Tenerife to quiet and unassuming self catering apartments on the west coast of Fuerteventura. You might have to be flexible though, as flights are limited to certain days on some islands.

What about the mainland? Greece, despite its difficulties, is looking good from a weather point of view. Athens is on the southernmost fringes of Europe’s landmass so its daily average maximum temperatures stay high compared to ours – and a lot of other places. At 25 degrees you wouldn’t argue would you? Perfect for taking in a cultural tour of ancient sites or simply lazing around. Just get there before the government sells the country’s entire tourist infrastructure to the highest bidder.

Okay, enough of financial politics, let’s head somewhere else that’s still hot, hot, hot. Of course it’s Spain, the Brits perennial destination of choice for holidays in the sun. Who can blame us, when the average temperatures are still very pleasant in October? Expect anything between 15 and 24 degrees in Majorca, between 16 and 22 in Barcelona and between 17 and 25 with an average of 7 hours of daylight in Almeria.

If you are a dawn ‘till dusk type of a sun worshipper and it’s hours of sunshine that appeal to you, then you’ll need to be looking at Cyprus for your holiday inspiration. With 9 hours of sunshine daily (on average) it’s the sun worshipper’s Shangri-la. The Cyprus website Visit Cyprus recommends ‘light apparel and long sleeves for the evenings’ during October.

Well it’s got to be better than wellies and woollies hasn’t it?

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