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How far is too far for a pre-Christmas weekend break?

Christmas weekend break?

How far is too far for a pre-Christmas weekend break?

Here at World First we think that the run up to Christmas is a good time to pack the overnight bag and skip town for a couple of days. Why? Because the bank holidays are over until the Christmas break, the weather is turning sour, the nights are long, X-Factor is lumbering towards its long and tedious climax, we’ve run out of holiday credits until January and the decorations are going up far too early again this year.

So how about it? How about generating a little bit of pre-Yule excitement (which will have worn off by December 25th anyway) with a sneaky break to somewhere interesting? Where would you go? And how far is too far for a weekend break?

Berlin (Approx 1hr 45 minutes)

Getting into the Christmas spirit is easy in a city like Berlin. For a start it’ll be cold and there’s a good chance of snow. It also has over 60 Christmas markets and each has a different flavour. One of the most famous, the Charlottenburg Castle Christmas Market in the castle and its grounds, lasts for 35 days and includes arts and crafts, food and special exhibitions. Easyjet’s first flight on a Saturday leaves Luton at 0715 and that will get you into Berlin's Schoenefeld airport at 1005. Come Sunday you’ll be able to get the last flight home at around 2155 after a full day of shopping, sightseeing, sampling Bavarian beers and visiting Berlin's tourist hotspots.

Ryanair also operate flights to Berlin, with the last flight on Sunday departing at 1540.

Athens (approx 3 hours 29 minutes)

In less time than it would take you to take the train from London to Penzance you could spend a sunny weekend in Athens marvelling at the city’s architectural and ancient treasures. Flights from London Gatwick to Athens with Easyjet leave on Friday at 19.55 and arrive at 21.50, leaving you enough of the day to get to the hotel and have a few drinks at the bar. Then it’s all day Saturday checking out the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Agora. And if you have time, a night on the town in Gazi is recommended. Sunday could be about going to the beach on the Attica coast. Then it’s back to the airport for 15.00 for the schlep home. Back in time for tea at 20.35.

Easyjet will take you to Athens for around £300. Of course they could!

Tel Aviv (approx 5 hrs)

You could easily spend the weekend in Tel Aviv from London, if you don’t mind leaving at 22.00 on Friday night and arriving at 05.30 on Saturday morning (because you’ll be flying east). If you can sleep on planes and would be prepared to slog through the day then you’ll have plenty of choice: hanging out on Tel Aviv’s famous beachfront, marvelling at the White City’s Bauhaus architecture, immersing yourself in the City’s art scene or shopping at the restored Manshia Train Station. Sunday you can have for yourself! BA flights leave Tel Aviv at 19.15 and arrive at 22.00 later that night. So you’ll be fresh as a daisy for Monday.

Flights to Tel Aviv are limited with BA but it could still work.

New York (approx 7 hours and 30 minutes)

Gone are the days when you could jump on Concorde (if you had the cash) and get to the Big Apple in four hours. But never mind, it is still possible to do NYC in a weekend. If you fly out on Friday night you’ll arrive on Friday evening due to the time difference. So if you can stay awake until bedtime you’ll have all day Saturday, Saturday night and most of Sunday to enjoy the city, grab a few early presents and eat yourself silly. Flights leaving Sunday night with BA from Newark at 19.50 arrive at Heathrow at 06.45 on Monday morning. Are you okay with sleeping on an aeroplane?

BA operate more than 5 flights a day to NYC.

And finally…. Be hasty, be very hasty….

Be hasty with your travel plans. We certainly won’t hold you back by making it difficult to make sure you’ve got the right travel insurance policy in place before you go. If you have to call us on the way to the airport, it’s okay with us. Our Last Minute travel insurance policies will be perfect for you – and they are cheaper than standard policies because they don’t have cancellation cover – because you don’t need it. Or, how about an Annual policy? It’ll mean you can take off anytime without even having to call.

The world really is your oyster…

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