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Taking Xmas with you this year? We've got you covered!

christmas travel cover

Taking Xmas with you this year? We've got you covered!

It’s nearly Christmas! Hurrah! No doubt you’ll be making plans to visit relatives, see old friends, hit the slopes or laze in the sun for a few days. It can be an exciting time, especially if you are travelling with kids. However it can also be a time for hassle, delays and problems. Airports are busy, baggage staff are pushed, things go missing. Regretfully, bags also get stolen. But what if it’s the bag with the presents in? That would be a near disaster.

That’s when you’ll be glad you took out our Superior travel insurance cover for your trip. We won’t be able to replace any lost gifts in time for the big day, but we will cover you for up to £2,500 worth of baggage and up to £1000 of gadget cover to replace your lost valuables. The limit for a single item on the baggage cover is £300 whilst the item limit on gadget cover is £500 – more than enough to cover an iPad or Xbox! We’ll also cover your clothes and footwear to the tune of £1,200 and your jewellery and watches up to £300, as well as your toiletries up to £250 and your luggage itself up to £250. That might help to save Christmas!

Upgrade your cover for Xmas

This excellent level of cover is only available with our Superior policy. However, if you only have Standard or Economy cover and you’re worried that it won’t cover your luggage and Xmas gifts, it is possible to upgrade your policy by paying the difference in premium. It can be remarkably cost effective! Just give us a call to discuss it with one of our customer service staff on 0845 90 80 161 before you travel. We’re open from 0900 to 17.30 Monday to Friday and from 0900 to 1600 on Saturdays.

What if the worst happens?

Of course no one likes to think of it but things do go missing, for whatever reason. So, to make sure your claim is dealt with swiftly and painlessly, it’s a good idea to make a list of everything you have packed and its value - and hang on to any receipts. You’ll also need an official report from the police, airline or local authority to prove that your bag was lost or stolen. Likewise if you are claiming for delayed bags you’ll need an official confirmation from the airline that there was a delay. Another thing to remember to do is label your baggage carefully so it’ll be easier to re-unite it with you if it does go astray at any point. And we sincerely hope it doesn't.

Happy holidays!

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