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Valentine’s Essentials. Wine. Chocolate. Exotic Destination. Travel Insurance.

World First Travel Insurance - Valentine’s Essentials. Wine. Chocolate. Exotic Destination. Travel Insurance.

Valentine’s Essentials. Wine. Chocolate. Exotic Destination. Travel Insurance.

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. Are you ready? Have you stocked up on roses and chocolates and grabbed a booking at your partner’s favourite restaurant (be quick!)? Failing that, have you booked the flights to whisk your better half away for a romantic weekend away in one of the World’s most romantic cities? Well, if you have then you’re probably about 90% more organised than most of us.

If you haven’t, why worry? Most of us would rather not have the pressure of Valentine’s anyway. If you want to do something for someone you’ll do it anyway, right? That’s how we feel. Anywhere can be romantic at any time of the year.

But, just in case you’ve been getting some serious hints and painful prodding, we thought it’d be nice to find out who rates where as the most romantic place to visit.

Bags packed? Great. Let’s go…

PARIS: of course

Frommer’s, the American based global guidebook people, rate Paris as their number one most romantic city on earth.  Of course it would come out on top. And why shouldn’t it? Paris is for lovers, after all. They say “If you are in a long term relationship and don’t plan on proposing, don’t take her to Paris.” So beware. Her power is seductive!

ISLAND HOPPING in the Pacific

Cosmopolitan, in its list of the most romantic places on earth to travel, rates a cruise to the Galapagos Islands with Sanctuary Retreats as number one for ‘adventure seekers’. It’s fine if you have a few thousand to spend (flights not included) and are prepared to go to the other side of the world for a date. Mind you, the wildlife is amazing, there are limited spaces and you’ll see some of the most beautiful places on earth…. Not too shabby.

VENICE is for romance, the Australian website devoted to, er, news, suggests Venice as the most romantic place to get away. We get it. You can stroll around the waterlogged city into magical squares, over bridges that will make you sigh and into some of Christianity’s finest churches. Alternatively, once you’re feet have had enough, you can simply hail a Gondola and woo away the day. One more Cornetto?

SEYCHELLES for that once, or twice, in a lifetime

Closer to home, the Rough Guides, in their top 20 most romantic places, place the Seychelles among their top destinations. Apparently it’s intoxicating – and very popular with honeymooners who go for exclusive and expensive resorts and a once in a lifetime experience. That’s if you only get married the once.

WASHINGTON the capital of romance

Forbes, the US travel giant, in its list of ‘most unexpectedly romantic cities’, put Washington DC at the top of its list of go to destinations. Why? They claim its open spaces, the charm of Georgetown’s brick streets and the beauty of the spring cherry blossom (those that weren’t chopped down by former presidents ) is enough to send lovers into spirals of romance. Try it.

PRAGUE for culture loving romantics

The Guardian, ever the guardians of cultural cool, give Prague their top spot for romantic breaks this valentine’s Day. They recommend music recitals in candlelit churches, fine dining and walks among the snowflakes on The Charles Bridge. Then some cocktails. Sounds like a perfect weekend for the culture vultures among us.

WORLD FIRST for worry free romance

Wherever you whisk your partner away to this Valentine’s – or at any other time of the year – for a romantic break, don’t forget to take us with you! We offer all kinds of travel insurance policies with lots of different benefits to give you the reassurance you need. With any one of our policies you know you’ll be well looked after should anything happen that you didn’t expect. We can even offer you wedding cover if you decide to get hitched. And our Last Minute policies are perfect if it’s a surprise. Just give us a call and we’ll sort it. Happy Valentine’s!!!

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