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The World First travel insurance survey

The World First travel insurance survey

The World First travel insurance survey

Earlier this year we asked you about your travel and travel insurance habits. We got 584 replies to our online survey, which is a significant selection. Please let us say thanks again for taking part.

We have already published a few details but now it's time to furnish you with the nitty gritty.  Are you ready?

Who are you?

53% of those who took the survey were over 60, 24% were between 46 and 59, 11% between 30 and 45, with the remainder under 30.

50% of you buy an annual multi trip policy and 33% buy it when you go away or for the annual holiday. Some of you have cover with your bank account or through your employer.

Shockingly 2% of you never buy it.

How you like to travel

You like to travel by air, on the whole, with 43% of you opting for air travel. After that it’s the car that’s favourite (26%) with 9% taking a car ferry. 10% travel by train, and a few travel by coach (19 of 584).

On the whole you like to go on independent holidays, with 40% of you choosing to book your own trips. Package deals come in second at 29% with cruises a close third (16%) followed by camping with car at 6%. Only 12 of the 584 respondents claimed they go backpacking.

43% of you don’t go on holiday to take part in a specific activity. However, almost 30% go walking, 6% go cycling, 5% take part in winter sports and 3% go diving. Other sports you enjoy are golf (16 of 584), snorkelling, wildlife watching, sailing, fishing and horse riding, among others.

How often and how much

34% of our respondents enjoy two holidays a year. 28% enjoyed three and 25% were lucky enough to take off four or more times. Just 13% of you holidayed just once. 39% of you spent between £1000 and £2000 on your main holiday, with 29% of you spending between 2 and 3 thousand, 23% spending between 3 and 5 thousand and 9% spending over £5000.

What spoils our holidays

We are pleased to say that most of you enjoy trouble free ‘perfect’ (46%) or ‘good’ (48%) holidays but there are some things that spoil it for you. Of these annoyances, bad weather is the primary cause, with food, hotels and service following closely behind. Falling out with family and friends causes grief for some respondents but happily illness and injury weren’t high on the list.

Some respondents were clearly very hard to please. One said the holiday “wasn’t warm enough and my book was too bulky to carry around!!!”  while another complained that “the Northern Lights were not as bright as we'd hoped.” They never are.

What we claim for on our insurance

60% of you have never made a claim on your travel insurance. Of those who have, 135 of 584 of you claimed for medical reasons, 7% for stolen items and 4% for travel delay.  Bereavement was another common cause, with 7 cutting short or cancelling a trip because of the death of a family member.  Only 6 claimed from lost or damaged items.

Of those seeking medical help on holiday (just under 20%) 8% were ill, 4% suffered stings or bites and 1% hurt themselves doing dangerous sports.

Other reasons included: twisted ankle, fell in shower, toothache, dislocated hip, broken arm, blister from rubbing shoes, broken ankle falling out of a caravan, cutting head on tent pole, and severe earache. Only one respondent had to claim for lost medication.

What we leave behind

We can be a bit forgetful on our holidays, leaving all sorts of things behind when we head home. 26% left clothes, 21% left sunglasses, 6% left gadgets and just 1% left valuable behind in a safe place. However, some left a few unusual articles behind, including a gall bladder, a wife, a vibrator and the tickets home. A few claimed they left friends behind. In a good way, we hope.

Staying in touch - what we can’t live without

Only 10% of us turn our phones off when we go away, with a further 16% ignoring calls from home. That leaves 49% of us to sometimes keep up with family, friends and social media and 26% who always do.

And that goes some way to explaining why 184 of 584 of you can’t live without your phone on your holidays. Mind you there are 23% of you who can’t live without the tablet and 9% who can’t bear to be parted from their laptop.

55 of you travel without any gadgets other than books and spectacles, radios and cameras. One of you can’t live without lipstick while another of you claimed it’s a bottle opener they can’t bear to travel without! Quite so.

Can't live without your gadgets? Insure them through us by CLICKING HERE.



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