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A weekly virtual wander through the best of the internet in the world of travel and travel blogging.

Compiled, as usual, by Tristan Rothwell.

The World First Wander

Dive into The World First Wander

Firstly it’s great to be back writing “The Wander”. It has been a while since the last edition but it’s back and, hopefully, better than ever.

Let’s get right on with it then. We shall begin with a cracker from @Telegraph . We wrote about things you can and can’t bring into the country in our blog post What NOT to bring back from your holidays but a young man from China, Cong Cong Tai, wins hands down by trying to smuggle his pet turtle through airport security in his pants! We hope, for his sake, that it wasn’t a snapper.

Moving a little closer to home now. I am lucky enough to live on Dartmoor and enjoy some lovely views but nothing like some of those on The Global Grasshopper website, where they have compiled the  A-Z List of the best views in Britain as voted for by their readers. I managed to tick off 9. How about you? Which, of all of them, would be your favourite?

Before I lived on Dartmoor I lived in London, and would often roam the streets with my camera. So it was inevitable that Brendan Van Son’s A guide to Travel Photography in London should catch my eye.  There are some really handy tips in there if you are not familiar with London, however, as an ex- Londoner I have some other little gems up my sleeve. For me, the more crowded it is, the better it is. So if you are taking a trip to our greatest city and want to see some fantastic colour, here are my tips for great shooting locations:

Soho – hustle and bustle and maybe a little sleaze.

The Square Mile – lots of amazing architecture.

Leak street Tunnel – for Graffiti .

London’s many markets are also a great source of photographic inspiration.

Our friend and contributor to the World First Blog Rebecca Hall wrote a nice piece on East Street Market  in South London where there has been a Market since the 16th Century.

Another brilliant Travel Writer and also a contributor to the World First Blog is Zoë Dawes, aka The Quirky Traveller. This is a post for any students out there planning to spend what’s left of their student loans on travel this year. “The Best Student Holiday Destinations in Europe”

Talking of students, let’s talk! Well, more specifically, a trip to Pilsen The Beer Capital of the world with Girl Vs Globe, which started at 10 am with a breakfast tour around the Pilsner Urquell brewery.

I have followed ‘Vicky Flip Flop Travels’ for a while now. Vicky writes some great stuff and I really enjoyed this one. It certainly made me check that my icloud backup on my iphone was switched on!

Three weeks of Travel – what could possibly go wrong? Well if Vicky is anything like me....quite a lot.

That pretty much rounds up this week’s World First Wander but the final word (as it often did in real life) go to the late, great, rude and very funny Joan Rivers. While browsing  I found a great Travel interview with Joan Rivers with The Daily Mail back in 2012. It makes for an interesting read. She was very much one of a kind.

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