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The World First Wander

The World First Wander

The World First Wander

September 20th 2014

Our weekly wander around the internet and the world of travel and travel blogging with Tristan Rothwell.

It’s been a busy week here at World First HQ, with lots of people booking holidays. Presumably to banish those “end of the summer” blues.

Mind you, if you have been booking a holiday I really hope your journey doesn’t start out like this one!  Things can go dreadfully wrong when you are travelling, which is why I decided to kick this week’s World First Wander off with a tale of near disaster… well, a tale of incompetence anyway.

My most embarrassing travel day ever  from The One Mile at a Time Travel Blog.

You wouldn’t let it happen to you, would you?

What if you do get stuck at an airport alone? It does happen. What you need is a friend! But if you are a bit shy about these things, let Christine Kaaloa aka Grrrltraveler furnish you with her tips on How to make friends when you travel alone.

So why travel? To learn and grow as a person? Absolutely. That’s why I love this next post from Shivya Nath. It’s all about how she manages to combine work, life and how she travels. Fascinating stuff. One year of travelling without a home

When it comes to observations on flying and travel this is one of the best I have ever read. It was written by Peter Jon Lindberg and I guarantee that if you have been on a plane more than once you will have met some of the people described in The plane truth : you don’t really know someone till you have flown together.

Moving onto something almost everybody loves... a drop of vino. I found “Exploring the tempting South Africa wine region” on Travel Addicts . It certainly looks like a tempting tipple to me – and I am sure  a lot of our readers would love it too!

A bit closer to home now for some of the best spots to eat in London as hunted down by @travelocafe.  I like the idea of eating my way around a city. If you do too,  check out their post Eating our way around London in the search for the best food in the city.

If there is one thing I love more than eating it’s music. I am always at my happiest when sat playing my guitar hence, including Hilarye Fuller’s  recent blog post on a trip to Nashville. I am really jealous of this one I must say! Have a read of Backstage tour of The Grand Ole Opry if you love music too!

I am going to finish off with something from this blog. But it’s not a post about our Travel Insurance! This one is about why my brother (and boss) and his wife Kate are doing the Dawlish Triathlon on the 28th of this month.  They are raising money for The Children’s Trust so please take 2 minutes to have a look. If you can’t sponsor them, please hit the share button and help to spread the word.

Click here to see the post.



P.S. I hope you have enjoyed this week’s World First Wander. Let me know which posts you liked most and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see here too! Until next week.

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