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 Bag a bargain this summer. Just don’t bag more than you bargained for.

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Favourable exchange rates mean that going abroad in 2015 is going to be cheaper than ever. But the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has recently issued some excellent advice about grabbing bargain breaks this year and is urging everyone to make sure they don’t get more than they bargained for.

How so?

The FCO campaign focuses on travel insurance. They are urging EVERYONE who goes abroad this year to be well prepared for any eventuality by having a good quality travel insurance policy in place before they depart. While your EHIC Card will give you access to the same level of treatment a local might receive, it will not pay for private clinics, ambulances or getting you home if something serious happens.

Those are the ‘little extras’ that no one wants to be lumbered with at the end of a holiday. While you might not trifle at spending £500 in Corfu to treat a sprained ankle, it will certainly damage your holiday budget to have to fork out £1000 for an MRI in Ibiza or even £25,000 to get an air ambulance home from Southern Spain or the Canaries. But this is the reality you’ll face if you hurt yourself and aren’t properly insured.

For people with pre existing or serious medical conditions the consequences can be far greater still, with hospital treatment and transfers home costing many, many thousands more.

That’s where we come in. We know everyone loves a bargain, which is why our policies offer brilliant value while also providing the cover you need to have a restful holiday. And we’ll be there with 24/7 assistance if you get in trouble and need our help.

We can even save money for people with medical conditions too, as our premiums are often much cheaper than if you go with your standard insurer. We are specialists and we understand the risks better than anyone else so it stands to reason that we offer better premiums and more comprehensive cover for 1000s of medical conditions.

Get a quote now.

Travelling uninsured. What’s the cost?

  • Treating a sprained ankle in Corfu – Approx. £500
  • Stitches in Tenerife - Approx. £500
  • An MRI scan in Ibiza - Approx. £1,000
  • Emergency surgery for a broken leg in Palma, Spain – Approx. £6,145
  • An air ambulance in southern Spain / Canaries - Approx. £25,000

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