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Welcome to another World First Wander! It’s our weekly look at some of our favourite travel blogs and articles from the last week. As always it is compiled by our Social Media Man, Tristan Rothwell.

This week we look at city breaks, winter sports, Sri Lanka, Greece and …. and Mr Motivator!

City breaks first then, with our friend The Travel Hack, a lady who loves to jump on a plane on a Friday night for a swift weekend away. Who doesn't? City breaks are an easy, bite-sized way to see a little of the world. And you can do it without using up all your holiday allowance in one go too!

Anyway, Monica has some invaluable advice for you if you are looking for free things to make your cash go further on your city break. 10 free things to do in every city will give you a whole selection of ideas for things to do if the purse strings are tight. And, while we are on the subject, don’t forget that our City Break Travel Insurance can also save you ££££.

We are off to the Greek capital Athens next with Emily Luxton. Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities, dating back almost 3500 years. Emily has written a really great guide to Athens and what to expect when you are there.  I must say that the Loukoumades look delicious. They were apparently  once served to winners of the Greek Olympics. For more stories of the gods, read Emily’s Exploring Athens .

And if that inspires you to explore a little more of Greece then you’ll find a bunch of great blogs about the islands on Life Beyond Borders. If you love Greek Islands you’ll love this. Then take a read of our quick guide to travelling in Greece before you book.

We head now to South Asia, specifically Sri Lanka. This next blog, by Becki Enright, caught my attention because one of my friends is currently travelling round Sri Lanka with his wife and 10 month old daughter. I wonder if they have found their way to Galle yet? It seems as if the town is a real 'must-see' stop off, judging by all that's in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka -  History, Artistry and all that Jazz.

Weird experiences are all part of the fun of travel (in my opinion) but when a travel blogger writes that they have sat next to Mr Motivator on a boat in Santorini (Greece again) then you have to read on!  My Weird Travel Experiences, an entertaining run down of the weird things Scottish Emma has encountered on her travels, is a great read and guaranteed to make you smile.

I mentioned last week about winter sports and disabled users. While chatting on twitter this week I was put in touch with Alex Squire. In his blog he talks about life with Spastic Quadriplegia and he has written a really interesting piece about  winter sports and his experiences of it. Skiing: Its going downhill fast is another good read – and very inspiring. For more about Alex, take a look at the “about me" page on his blog.

That just about wraps it up!

Until next week.

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