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Welcome, once again, to our weekly look at some of our favourite travel blogs and articles from the last week or so. As always it is compiled by our social media man, Tristan Rothwell .

This week we look at accessible travel, learn about first aid and visit Jane Austen’s Bath (as in the city, of course).

We start off with The Bimblers. I met them via twitter a few weeks ago and have been following their blog ever since. This week they ask the question “What is accessible tourism?”. It’s a great place to start us off. As a company we take a keen interest in this subject as so many of our customers buy medical travel insurance from us. Accessibility and mobility can be an issue for some, so it’s great to hear Rob and Bridget tell it like it is.

On the subject of all things medical, let’s talk about first aid. A bit of first aid knowledge can go a long way, especially when children are involved. So this next post is well worth a read if you have toddlers or babies and want to get clued up on a few bits of first aid. Have a read of First Aid for Toddlers & Babies – What should you know?  from  Tots to Travel . It could make a big difference some day.

It’s funny what draws me to certain blogs and posts. I found this one because the book my eldest and I were reading this week mentioned Jane Austen and her time in Bath. It is a great city and is a perfect place for a city break. And if you love the classics you’ll love reading this post from Emma Higgings, AKA  @GottaKeepMoving.   Put the kettle on and take 5 to enjoy The Ultimate Guide to Jane Austen in Bath.

If you want to travel further and for longer, then a Gap Year might be just what you need. How about taking a year to experience a whole new world? What’s not to like about that? Especially when you can get brilliant Backpacker Cover from us! Waving people off always makes us jealous here  in the office, I can tell you.

A regular visitor to these pages is someone who knows all about gap years, The Little Backpacker. Her latest post will give you some ideas for things to see, do and experience if you are thinking about taking time out. What are the  10 things you should experience on a gap year ? Read it and find out…

Our last post this week is from our friends over at Hand Luggage Only. It’s all about photography. If you love taking travel snaps and love being inspired by truly great shots, this is for you! Check out 9 best places you should visit for amazing photos. Then book your next trip!

That’s it for this week’s instalment!

Until next time.

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