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The World First Wander – Half Term Holidays

Welcome to another installment of the World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in travel writing and blogging. This week we look at a few ideas for things to do during half term to keep the kids (and mum and dad) occupied.

Hisley Bridge On Dartmoor

Dartmoor. No end of half term surprises.

In case you hadn’t noticed, next week is half term. Are you ready for those cries of “I’m bored!”?  Not on our watch! We’ve got plenty of great ideas for an exciting half term…

Starting off close to home, on Dartmoor. How could anyone be bored when this is on the doorstep? With so many different and varied Tors to climb, scramble and explore, you could explore it for a week and see something different every day. There is a list of Dartmoor’s Tors here. If you need some visual inspiration then check out this post by Gotta Keep Moving. It has some stunning photos of the moors and Tors. Dartmoor in Pictures is truly stunning

Woolacombe Beach In The Morning

Woolacombe: one of the world's finest beaches.

Over to the other coast now. Woolacombe to be precise.  Our MD and I spent a week surfing there many years ago – unfortunately the waves didn’t show. However, Woolacomb is the perfect place for a surfing holiday, especially if you want to learn. It’s also consistently rated among the world’s best beaches. DO while the kids are enjoying the waves – they will – you’ll be able to enjoy the beach itself. And very nice it is too. So if a seaside holiday is your idea of a great half term break then take a look at Camping with Style and their review of their recent break in Woolacombe.

Heading north from Devon now, to South Yorkshire with Baldhiker, the online home of Paul Steele and friends.  One of their bloggers, Janine Moore, has written a post all about The Strines. It really does look stunning, and a great place to head for during half term.

Another avid rambler and walker is Rambling Man. I have been following his blog for a while. His latest blog is The Pennine Way Stage 4: Hebden Bridge to Ponden and looks like the perfect half term activity. If you can get your kids to put their boots on they will surely love it!  As I was writing this Rambling Man posted Stage 5 Ponden to Earby. You can read that here.

Exeter Devon England Uk

Exeter Quay: worth a wander, if not a climb.

It’s back to Exeter now, World First’s home city. There’s plenty here to keep the little ones amused if you find yourselves in the Westcountry on a non-beach day in the next week or so. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum is always a massive hit with kids. Another huge favourite is Clip n Climb on Exeter Quay. You can book an hour of safe climbing with instruction. It’s perfectly safe and great exercise and you can enjoy one of their amazing cakes while you wait. Good enough reason to go? I think so.

Until next time.

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