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The World First Wander: Scilly, Dubrovnik and summer holidays!

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Perfect for backpacking, with Backpacking travel insurance from World First.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Perfect for backpacking, with Backpacking travel insurance from World First.

Welcome to another installment of the World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in travel writing and blogging. This week we are going to take a look at backpacking, Dubrovnik this month hottest travel topic The Isles of Scilly.

With the school summer holidays appearing just over the horizon parents everywhere are starting to panic. “What shall I do with the kids?” they shriek as they contemplate an end to the peace and quiet of term time life. Fear not! Help is at hand from Global Mouse and their great list of 30 things around the UK to do with your kids this summer. We particularly like number 2. Find a sheep and raise money at the same time? Love it!

If you are looking for an activity filled holiday a little further afield then this next travel post from @familyonabike will be just what you need. From swimming in a hot volcano to bouncing below Wales, Stuart and Kirstie have put together some great ideas for a fun packed summer in their 10 unusual active family adventures. Number 10 leads us nicely to our next post.

Last week we saw why Babyroutes wasn’t ready to leave the Isles of Scilly. And who wouldn’t want to?  These islands off the Cornish coast are proving really popular with travel bloggers at the moment so when we saw that our old friends and regular visitors to these hallowed pages Hand Luggage only had made the journey we knew we had to share it.

Have a look at First impressions of The Isles of Scilly and More Photos from The Isles of Scilly. Their shots are always nothing short of exceptional.

Another popular summer holiday now, backpacking. We love it so much that we have a policy that’s specially designed for those heading off with their homes up their backs. If that’s you, take a look at our Backpacker Travel Insurance

Right, let’s head to Dubrovnik now with Victor's Travels. Dubrovnik, a city with a lot to offer, is getting a lot of attention at the moment for being one of the locations used in Game of Thrones. Have a look at Victors travel post The Backpackers Guide to Dubrovnik for more. There is also a handy City guide to Dubrovnik over at the Travel section of the Telegraph.

Next we head for Northern Island with Johnny Blair. Johnny has put together a great list of cool things to do if you are backpacking in Northern Ireland - including Ballintoy, another Game of Thrones location. We have to admit Northern Ireland might not be the first place that springs to mind for a backpacking trip but this may just change your mind. Check out Backpacking in Northern Ireland: 9 cool things to check out in Ballintoy.

Part of travelling is not just about discovering new places. It’s also about discovering yourself (man).  Finding One’s Self: Solo Backpacking in Sagada is all about such a soul searching venture. It’s from Two Monkeys Travel, another great travel blog and well worthy of your time.

Another part of the travel experience is “getting local”, going off the beaten track and finding places not many visit, as written about here by Global Help Swap. Combine that with finding yourself and you could well find yourself in travel Nirvana… if you like that kind of thing.

Until next week.

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