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The World First Wander: back to school, books and Icelandic baking

Welcome to our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel and travel writing from around the world. It’s a mixed bag this week looking at how reading can inspire travel, summer travel, backpacking with a 66 year old, baking in Iceland and surfing the world's most exciting wave...

The World First Wander: back to school, books and Icelandic baking

Harry Potter in Yorkshire: how reading inspires kids to travel

Well it’s nearly time for the kids to go back to school. For working parents it can be a time of joy, especially after the wet summer we have had.  No more entertaining bored kids for weeks on end! For us, here at World First, the ‘back to school’ season normally sees us get really busy as many travellers wait until the summer is over before booking holidays.

However, there are some kids who have been lucky enough to go travelling with their parents during the summer holidays. Rory Moulton is one such parent who has enjoyed a summer of reckless travel with his son. Have a read of 15 back to school confessions from a dad who took his son travelling all summer and say you aren’t going to book up for next year!!!

If you want inspire children to want to travel then getting them to read about all the far away wonderful places they can visit is a great place to start. This next post, from Keryn Means who runs Walking on Travels, is all about just that. It’s entitled 5 young adult fantasy fiction series to inspire your kids to travel and is an interesting read in itself! And anything that makes them read more can only be a good thing.

At the other end of the travel spectrum we are seeing lots of older travellers hitting the road now. And who said you were too old to hit the road? We insure people up the age of 100. We have even insured a 92 year old who was going rock-climbing, and if that doesn’t prove age is just a state of mind we don’t know what does. It brings us nicely to Annie Sparks, a 66 years young backpacker who has been travelling South America  and has written about her experience over at  2 Monkeys Travel, which is a great travel blog run by Kach Medina and John Howe. Have a read and get inspired with A 66 year old womans solo backpacking in South America.

So you are inspired to travel, bags are packed, ticket is booked and you have even bought some travel insurance. What now? What type of traveller are you going to be? We thought this next post was quite thought provoking as it made us think about the types of travellers we are. It’s from Travelingmoms   and is entitled How to be the type of traveller you’d want to travel with.

Deaf travel next. We love finding new travel blogs to follow and were excited to find Deaf Wanderlust from California on the Two Scots Abroad blog. They have written an excellent article all about deaf travel entitled Deafying Stereotypes. It’s a great read. Find them on twitter and also over at their blog Deafinitely wanderlust. Well worth following.

The team here at World First are avid followers of the Great British Bake Off.  You too? You’ll love our next post then, even if Mary berry has never asked anyone to bake anything in a geothermal spring. Intrigued? Read on and find out in this next post from The Travel Bunny, a site run by Suzanne Jones from Sussex. Thunderbread – A geothermal Bake off in Iceland is fascinating stuff. The name alone makes you want to scoff it down!

Once you’ve had an experience like that it can be tough coming home. Scottish Emma, it seems, may be the same. But she’s written a  blog post to avert the crash and it’s really quite lovely. Check out Things to enjoy when returning home after travel and think of your pets and pillows. Homesick yet?

Our last post this week takes us to Teahuppo with Matador Network . We have been insuring surfers for years and occasionally (and it is very occasionally) our MD Martin and his brother, our social media man, Tristan, can be seen taking to the waves in Devon or Cornwall. It’s not much like the waves in this video, a spectacular drone film of surfing in Fiji.

Until next week.

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  1. Lance says:

    I love the reading travel inspiration idea. Some of our most memorable travels have been inspired by books or films!

  2. wftristan says:

    Thanks Lance – Glad you like it – where are you travelling to next ?


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