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The World First Wander: travel blogs we loved this week

Welcome to this week’s World First Wander. As always it’s a collection of the best travel articles, blogs and inspiration that we have loved this week. Compiled by our social media man Tristan Rothwell.

This week we look at sizzling sausages, retail therapy and travel photography.

Which side of the road should I be on?


Drive on the right. Keep your hands on the wheel.

Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of driving abroad? Do your knees tremble at the thought of driving precarious mountain roads with inches to spare either side or the prospect of  navigating a new city? Sometimes it’s unavoidable. But help is at hand from AdventureHan, whose blog post 7 tips for driving abroad should really help you hit the road safely.

Mummy I’m bored

Travelling with children isn’t easy. From “are we there yet?” to “I need the toilet” (400 yards past the service station) there are some things about family travel that will never change.And it doesn’t end there for parents who travel abroad. What about long delays? Oh dear. How are you going to keep them amused? Well, it’s Tots to travel to the rescue this time, with their list of The best child-friendly airports in England. Mind you, a trip to Hamley’s at Heathrow could prove damaging to your wallet.

Stopover retail therapy


Shop until you drop? Many do. Singapore.

Singapore is a popular stopover destination for those taking long haul flights down under. And what do we do when we’ve just covered 6000 miles in 13 hours? We shop, of course! And, in case you weren’t sure where to head first, Elle Croft and her excellent travel blog ‘A Bird in the Hand Travel’ will tell you in the latest post Where to go shopping in Singapore. Guaranteed to keep you busy.

All that glitters...

Staying safe on your travels is vital, as is having really good travel insurance. However, knowing a little of the tricks of the tourist rip off trade can help too. We found a great article on Mental Floss about common scams to be wary of. Check out 11 vacation scams that dupe tourists and arm yourself against the scammers.

 Inspiration or just making us jealous?

Travel inspiration comes in many forms, but there’s nothing like a beautiful photograph to set our pulses racing. This next article from Matador Network is one of those pieces that will make you want to book your next trip – now! However we have to admit we found it a little depressing. It’s tough sitting in an office all day hearing about lucky people heading off to all 4 corners of the globe on your adventures. Anyway, have a look at The 13 most inspiring travel photos this week. If that’s’ not enough inspiration for you, you can follow #travelstoke on Instagram.

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst


One thousand and one...that should do it. Good views make great shots, however many you take.

That’s what legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson said, anyway. It may well be true, but with a little bit of help there is always room for improvement. Have a read of a post from our blog, Ten things you can do to improve your travel photography as there are some good tips there for all budding travel photographers. After that you can move on to Nomadic Matt’s How to take the perfect photo; advanced techniques. Some great tips in there!

What to do when you get there?

Morocco has always been a really popular destination with World First customers. So we thought it might be fun to look at a few ideas of things to do once you get there. First up is from Amy at Globetrotter Guru who has featured here in the World First Wander a few times before. Check out What is a good itinerary for 10 days in Morocco. Then take a look at The top 10 amazing things to do in Morocco from Global Grasshopper. Spending the night in the Sahara sounds amazing.

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That’s how Chris Sharpe from Make new tracks has filed our next post. The photographs alone in his post On the banks of the Douro: top things to do in Porto are guaranteed to make you want to go straight to the airport. And why not? It under three hours from London and the temperature at the moment is a very agreeable average of 16 degrees centigrade.

Sizzling sausages and a fairy tale castle

We’re off to Germany next with Abigail King from inside the travel lab. If you like seeking out the unusual then this may just be the perfect travel article for you. From sizzling sausages to hunting for street art in Karlsruhe, it’s a great, off-the-beaten-track read. Check out 7 unusual things to do in Germany.

That just about rounds up this week’s selection. Hopefully we’ve given you a little inspiration to get that next trip booked. If you are a travel blogger and have written a great post this week why not let us know? It might get included in next week’s World First Wander.

Until next week.

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