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The World First Wander: travel blogs we loved this week

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Travel can help to keep you young... and anyone can apply.

Welcome to our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel and travel writing. Each week we scour the internet to bring you our list of “what’s hot” in travel blogging. It’s compiled, as always, by our social media man, Tristan Rothwell.

This week we are looking at how travel can help to keep you young, long haul flights, meeting people on your travels and waking up happy.

Are you addicted?

We love travel. And so, it seems, do you. How do we know this? Many of you take out annual travel insurance that enables you to travel as many times in a year as you like. It’s a great way to save money and enjoy peace of mind throughout the year. And you don’t have to call us each time you leave to tell us you’re going. It’s perfect for people who are ‘addicted to travel’. And that brings us neatly on to our first post, from Travelettes, that it handily entitled 33 signs that you are addicted to travel. Is that you?

Travel is the new anti wrinkle cream

Next up are Janice and Tracey from Solo Traveller. They have some wise words about staying young through travel. Janice is 58 yet she says she feels younger, thanks to her love of travel. We concur… in fact, we offer travel insurance for people up to 100. There is no reason your age shouldn’t be a barrier to travel, as Janice and Tracey say in their fantastic post 10 ways solo travel makes you younger (and more mature).

Planning a long flight?

travel blogging

Long haul. Be prepared.

If you are planning a long flight then you might be interested to read our next post. It’s for those who take those super long haul flights. Some people are ok with them, some aren’t but are prepared to go through with it because of what’s at the other end. And if that’s you, then you need to read the next blog from Anita Hendrieka  on how to stay sane on a 24 hour flight. Australia here we come.

Meet the locals and make new friends

If you are travelling solo it can get lonely. So sometimes you need to get over your shyness and meet a few people. And the best people to meet are the locals. Why? Because they know the best spots, the best routes and can help you to learn about their culture like no one else can. But of course, striking up a conversation isn’t always easy. So, from My feet are meant to roam  is a post that may help you to meet and greet like an expert. Check out 5 brilliant tips to meet locals abroad.

Grab your backpacks


Inspiration and achievement. Hiking is good for you!

Stomping across a lonely moor, along the coast path or through an ancient forest… what's not to love about hiking? It’s one of the best ways to get your daily exercise. So, if you have yet to enjoy the pleasures of a good yomp, we’d like to recommend this next blog, from our Penzance based friend Lauren, aka The Enjoyable Rut . A beginners guide to hiking will help you to get off on the good foot.

Ab Fab

We finish off this week with a post that’s not travel based from Sabina at Girl Vs Globe and it’s all about starting your day off the right way.  It’s a nice post and it’s a good way to end this week. We could all use some help to wake up happy sometimes!!! 7 tricks to wake up happy and fabulous .

Until next week.

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