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The World First Wander: travel blogs we love this week

Welcome to this week’s World First Wander, a collection of travel articles, blogs and inspiration that the world first travel insurance team have loved this week, compiled by our social media man Tristan Rothwell.

This week we are looking at winning the lottery, Amsterdam and Central America.

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Amsterdam. Great food and great sights. And it doesn't have to be expensive.

Where do we begin?

…with a pre-travel ritual of course! OK, so pre trip rituals might be a bit weird for some of you, but for many, those little idiosyncrasies are what mark the beginning of an exciting new adventure. However, even if you aren’t the type to have ‘rituals’ make time for one essential pre trip plan – and that’s to buy your travel insurance when you book. That’s all we’re saying. And with that we go over to @Emilyraylondon with a light hearted look at her pre travel rituals. My pre-trip rituals will make seasoned travellers out there smile.

Thinking about travel? Just do it!

One of our favourite travel bloggers @thetravelhack has written a very thoughtful piece this week. She’s off on a long haul trek soon and has been busy thinking about her plans and what it takes to chuck it all in and take off. SO, if you are thinking but not yet planning or even ritualising, this is for you. So if you have the itch to travel the world and you haven’t managed to scratch it yet have a read of So, you want to travel the world?

Will you pack the other half?

So you have decided that you are going to travel the world! But are you going to travel solo or travel with your significant other? It can be a huge decision for some and a no brainer for others. Some thrive together away, others don’t. If you are thinking of heading off as a couple then this next post from @heelsinbackpack will help you weigh up The pros and cons of travelling with your significant other.

How will you travel?

One of the most popular ways to travel is backpacking – even for older people. And when you are armed with our backpacking insurance you can travel the world with the confidence that we’ll look after you if anything disastrous happens. We thought it might be nice to pass on a few destination ideas from Chris Stevens, who is also know as @Bckpackerbanter on twitter. Chris’s latest post, My mini guide to backpacking travel in Central America is a great start. And it’s just part 1, so keep your eyes open for part 2.

It could be you!

We all fantasise about winning the lottery, don’t we? No need to be greedy. Just 4 or 5 million should see us ok. But the real ‘million dollar question’ is where would you travel when you do win the pot of gold? Have a read of Globocation’s blog post to find out where a few lucky people from around the world have headed after their big win in Top Choice with Lottery Winners.

Meanwhile, back in the real world.

Sadly, the reality is that most of us are going to travel on a budget. And that could mean having a read of this next post from Kash Bhattacharya. He runs the Budget Traveller blog, which is the go to blog for travelling in style but on a budget. The latest post samples the culinary delights of Amsterdam – a favourite among the travel community –and it’s been written by another World First Wander favourite, Frankie Thompson from As the Bird Flies. Have a read of Cheap eats guide to Amsterdam.

Until next time.

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