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It's sunshine Saturday!!! But don't forget your travel cover!

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, this today, 9th January, is ‘Sunshine Saturday’, the day when most British nationals are likely to book their 2016 holidays. It’s aided and abetted by lots of tour operators and travel agents, who will be doing their best to cash in on the post Christmas rush by offering a host of incentives, deals and discounts to encourage us to book our sunshine getaways.

The FCO and their Know Before You Go team have teamed up with weather presenter Becky Mantin to offer advice on how to book your big escape and to remind us that having the right travel insurance is vital for a trouble free holiday.

The FCO also tell us that the average cost of a claim for medical expenses is £1,022. That’s significantly higher than the average travel insurance policy, which stands at just £32! To remind us they have produced a video "Don't put a dampener on your holiday".

So if you plan on booking a holiday today, don't forget about the travel insurance. And don't forget to get a quote from us before you commit. If you travel with medical conditions we are able to offer some of the best value policies out there. We cover 1000s of conditions and also include over 150 sports and activities free. We also offer up to £10m in emergency medical expenses and can cover cancer, heart conditions, thyroid problems and IBS as well as Alzheimer's and pregnancy.

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