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The World First Wander: The best  in travel blogging.

Welcome to another World First Wander, our weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing. As always it’s compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel related stuff so you don’t have to.

This week we are going to begin by taking a look at a few locations, including Sri Lanka and Amsterdam. Then we move on to travel tips. We have found some good ones this week! Among them are tips on travelling with your parents…. This should be interesting. But first….

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging.

Climb aboard and let’s set sail

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging.

First up this week is Weekend Candy (previously known as Travel Candy) who is a favourite here with the World First Team. We head to one of the most beautiful cities in the west in her company for An elegant weekend in Bath. If you’ve never been it is so worth the trek. Roman bathhouse, shops, cafes, beautiful architecture and the creamy hues of Bath stone everywhere…

More Weekend Travel Adventures

Amsterdam next. It’s a long-time favourite with us Brits, and for good reason. It is a wonderful place to visit with loads to see and do, from the essential Anne Frank house to the Van Gogh Museum. However,  judging by the photograph of a slice of apple pie in Mrs Ayla’s A weekend Guide to Amsterdam its seems Winkle 43 is the place to go.

Amsterdam to Rotterdam

Talking of going Dutch, let’s stick with the Netherlands for now, with Two Feet One World, a new discovery amongst the travel blogs we follow. From this post we couldn’t help but marvel at how cool Rotterdam looks - amazing architecture and stunning sea front. Never been? Us neither. Have a read of 24 hours in Rotterdam then put it on your bucket list.

Heading a little bit further afield now

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging - Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Photo courtesy of

We featured a post about Rwanda a few weeks ago with Zoe Dawes over at the Quirky Traveller and this week we head back there with Heather on her Travels with a guide to gorilla trekking in Rwanda. It certainly looks utterly amazing, one of those experiences that will stay with you for life. One tip Heather mentioned is to put the camera down from time to time and be there in the moment. Fine advice.

Feeling the urge to go? We can cover your trek with Gorilla trekking travel insurance.

Sri Lanka

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging - Sri Lanka

Just one look at this next blog post will have you grabbing that passport. The photography in our next post from Helen in Wanderlust is stunning. What we like about this post is that Helen wasn’t afraid to talk about a few of the things she didn’t like – it’s something to consider when planning a trip. So, for a balanced view, have a read of The things I loved about Sri Lanka (and the things I didn’t).

The best travel tips, all in one place

So we have looked at a few of our favourite locations this week, now it’s time to have a look at some of the best travel tips to come out of the travel blogging world over the last week or so:

Common travel mistakes

They say we learn from our mistakes. However it’s often better to learn from the mistakes of others before making the same ones ourselves! That’s when it really pays read advice from travel bloggers all around the world who are happy to share advice and make travel easier. First up, The travelling Canucks, who have put together a list of 10 common family travel mistakes (and how to avoid them).

Let’s make it 'epic'

The experience of travel can be “epic”. It can be life affirming and humbling at the same time. So, from someone who has had it all, here are some thoughts on The art of the epic adventure from Almost Fearless. They are putting on a free, six week online course that starts in a few weeks’ time. Fancy it? Pop over and connect with them…

Teens that travel

The World First Wander: The best in travel blogging - Teens that travel

We love hearing about teenagers heading off on their first adventures. Gretta from Mums Do Travel is currently a fretful mum as her daughter is off inter railing around Europe this summer. If you are in the same situation you should read our article on how to wave them off with a smile then take a look at Gretta’s  post What to do when your teen goes travelling. And then don’t forget to make sure they have decent travel cover.

Thinking of travelling with mum and dad?

Does the idea of going on holiday with your folks fill you with dread? Some of us here in the office have said that it would be a nightmare whereas others relish the thought of spending quality time with their parents. But where do you stand? Have a read of why you should travel with your parents from the World Wanderer for an interesting perspective.

That rounds up this week’s World First Wander. We have covered a fair bit of ground this week and hopefully given you some food for thought. Have fun.

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