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The World First Wander: blogs that inspired us this week

Welcome to another World First Wander. As ever our, weekly look at what’s hot in the world of travel blogging and writing has been compiled by Tristan Rothwell, the man who scours the internet for the very best travel blogs so you don’t have to.

This week we look back at the summer holidays with Actually Mummy, a blog from Helen Wills that’s written in the voice of ‘a loquacious schoolgirl’, Glib Girl. Anyway, it sounds like they had an amazing summer doing all the stuff an amazing summer should be filled with, like going to the theatre and eating sushi. Enjoy a read of The Best Summer Ever.

The World First Wander: blogs that inspired us this week

Judging by the number of summer posts they weren’t the only ones to move about this summer. One blogger, Nicola from Jetlag and Mayhem, has written about her summer in the form of sage advice on planning the perfect road trip. We guess it must have been. Check out How to plan the perfect road trip to find out if it was.

As summer ends we start planning again

September is always a busy time here at World First. Lots of our customers wait until the schools go back to book their holidays, especially those who don’t have dependents or have to be somewhere during term time. As we wrote recently in our blog September may be the best month to travel, but, as autumn beckons, you may start thinking about that winter holiday. And if you just can’t wait, here’s a guide to early snow from 13 of the best resorts for early snow from Whitelines Snowboarding.

The World First Wander: blogs that inspired us this week - Winter sports

For the love of winter and the white stuff

If you are planning a winter getaway and fancy getting sporty then this next post may be just what you need. It’s from Total Travel Guide and is all about finding great spots to ski or snowboard.

The World First Wander: blogs that inspired us this week - Snow

Did we mention that we offer great Winter Sports cover too?

If you can’t make it you can always fake it

When it comes to winter sports and adventure it really is all about getting out there and doing it. You can’t fake it. Or can you? Our next post is all about the tall tale of an Indian couple claiming to have climbed Everest that appeared in the New York Times. Check out Couple faked photographs on Everest climb for more. It’s a great read.

Of course, here at World First we would never make such claims. When our MD Martin Rothwell climbed Everest recently we loved seeing the pictures…

Climber reaches the summit of mountain peak. Climbing and mountaineering sport concept, Nepal Himalayas

You have arrived at your chosen destination…

Where next? Sun, sea, sand, snow, history, culture? Sometimes it can be tricky working out where to go next. But not when you’ve got Travel on Inspiration on your side this blog has written a useful post for the undeciders about the classic traveller’s dilemma. Choosing a destination for your next experience could help you work it out.

Danger, Danger

The World First Wander: blogs that inspired us this week

Are you aware of the dangers of travelling? While we’d never want to put anyone off travelling (the opposite in fact) we know that understanding the risks and dangers of some destinations can make all the difference. We always recommend checking out the foreign travel advice page from the FCO and heeding their advice. Their information on local customs could prove useful at times. In some countries what we would do naturally at home can land you in hot water.

And that’s what our next post What Makes a Country Dangerous? from Anita Hendrieka is all about.

What inspires the blogger in you?

The World First Wander: blogs that inspired us this week - What inspires to to write a travel blog

Everyone needs inspiration. We are often inspired to do all kinds of things when we hear about what our customers are up to. It could be hearing about a fantastic cruise or a 92 year old who wanted cover to go on a rock climbing holiday (yes we did cover it). One blogger, Nicole from Have Wheelchair Will Travel has given us her thoughts on what inspires me to blog this week.

And finally…

Our last post this week isn’t a travel post. However it is brilliant. It is from Plutonium Sox, a new favourite blog here at World First HQ.  While we agree that certain illnesses like depression can affect the way we feel, we are largely responsible for the way we feel. On a personal level I (Tristan) know this only too well, having embraced (I refuse to suffer) with depression all my adult life. So we leave you on a positive note with How you feel is your decision.

Until Next week.

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