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The big day is looming. You have been planning it for days and weeks and months. In some cases it’s years in the making. Everything is in place. The timings have been done. All is well. Even the weather has been warned to be on its best behaviour. Will the sun shine on you and your betrothed? If you are choosing to have a wedding abroad, then the chances are it will. Even so, fingers crossed.

Guaranteed sunshine is just one of the reasons why more and more couples are choosing to tie the knot abroad these days. The cost is another factor that’s seeing couples jet off for intimate ceremonies with just a few family and friends. According to Brides Magazine, the average cost of a UK wedding stands now at a whopping £24,000. Compare that to the average cost of getting hitched abroad, at just around £7,500 and you can understand it.

Then there’s the difficult question of where to sit whom. IF there’s only a few family and friends – or maybe just the two of you – then all that is easily taken care of – unlike with a big wedding at home. Things are simpler when you get hitched abroad, that’s for sure.

Why wedding travel insurance could save your… er… marriage

Despite the advantages of getting wed outside of the UK, there is always the possibility that things may go wrong. And that’s where our Wedding travel cover comes in, as it’ll protect you from the worst of it.

What if the bride’s mother missed her flight? What if the local photographer blew the pictures? What if you lost your wedding dress or the best man mislaid the rings? What if your airline went bust and left you stranded?

Our wedding travel insurance will cover it.

Wedding Travel Insurance: getting married abroadThe first thing is your travel. As with a standard travel insurance policy, our wedding cover will cover you for medical costs if you have to cancel due to illness or are taken ill while you are abroad. In some countries medical bills can easily run into tens of thousands.

We will also cover your luggage, documents, cash, gadgets and jewellery just like we do in all our polices, but with some extra benefits especially for the big day.

Next, let’s think about your dress. Wedding dresses are expensive! So you really don’t want to find out that it took a different flight from you. If it did, your wedding attire is all covered in your policy. Phew.

Wedding Travel InsuranceThen there are the rings. They can go missing. Whether or not it’s the best man’s fault is up to you to decide, but, whatever happens, if you find that he’s patting himself down like a security guard when you’re waiting at the altar with your finger outstretched and ready to take on the rest of your life, we’ll cover your losses.

Finally, let’s think about your memories. Your wedding photographs. What happens if the camera packs up or the photographer gets on the wrong plane? Or the guy you booked doesn’t turn up? Obviously we can’t recreate the memories of the day but we will cover the cost of lost photographs. It can be a lot of money!

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back. All you have to do is say ‘I do’.

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