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ABTA’s 12 destinations to watch for 2017

Are you still planning your 2017 travels? Well you might want to know about a list that was published recently by ABTA, the Association of British Travel Agents. It’s their list of the 12 destinations that are expected to capture our imagination this year. It could be because of connections to a blockbuster movie or because it’s a venue for a big event this year. Whatever it is, it’s a great list. Wish you were there? Definitely! But don’t forget to take us with you when you go – wherever you travel it’s essential to get the right travel insurance cover, especially if you travel with a medical condition.

Andalucia, Spain

We love Spain and always have and now that some airlines are putting on extra routes to Malaga from regional UK airports it’s going to be even easier than ever to enjoy this seductive region.

Azores, Portugal

They call them Europe’s answer to Hawaii, but we say they are fabulous in their own right! NO comparisons needed with these unspoiled Atlantic islands. Hike, cycle, swim, surf or go whale watching. Then get stuck into the fabulous local cuisine.


ABTA’s 12 destinations to watch for 2017 Bermuda

The focus will be on the waters of Bermuda this year as Ben Ainslie and Team GB take on the world’s best in the America’s Cup. But under the surface is just as impressive as it’s one of the world’s best locations for diving.


British Airways are launching direct flights to Chile this month, which means it’s going to be easier than ever to reach this 4000 mile long pearl of a destination. And that also means it’s suddenly going to become even easier to reach Easter Island. A must see place if ever there was one.

County Kerry, Ireland

ABTA’s 12 destinations to watch for 2017 County Kerry, Ireland

There are lots of amazing reasons to visit County Kerry: long beaches, imposing mountains, vivid green countryside, great restaurants and, of course, fabulous people. And now it’s got one more: the Skellig Islands were used as a location for the latest Star Wars film. Can you feel the force? Just go with it.


If you like the charm of European cities and Mediterranean beaches but with non-European prices then Croatia must be on the list. UK visitor numbers grew in 2016 and ABTA are telling us that this is set to continue.


You’ve heard about Hygge, right? Well it’s time to experience it for yourself in this northern European destination. Aahrus, the country’s second city, is to be the European City of Culture for 2017. Time for your fix of fab food, furniture, smiling people, beautiful beaches and user friendly cities.

Sardinia, Italy

It’s no secret, but there are secret places still left to explore on this island in the Med. From turquoise waters to medieaval cities, Sardinia has a lot to offer everyone – it’s not just for the ‘jet-set’ anymore!

Kerala, India

ABTA’s 12 destinations to watch for 2017 Kerala, India

South Africa

Favourable exchange rates mean we’re already flocking to South Africa, with more of us expected to visit this enchanting country in 2017. It’s got it all too, from a familiar European vibe in Cape Town to the big five out in the parks, historical sites and table topped mountains as well as some fine wines and a very fine driving route…

South of the USA

We’re talking music here now, with New Orleans, Kentucky and Graceland Tennessee taking up the mantle for US tourism, thanks to British Airways latest route to The Big Easy and Virgin’s holidays to Elvis’ home. It’s steamy, smoky, seductive and sizzling with edible, musical and visual delights!


Thanks to new direct routes from the UK, this beautiful country is now within easy reach for those looking for paradise in the sun. You can see evidence of the old ways, a turbulent past and of a promising future in Vietnam, along with plenty of natural wonders, fantastic beaches and lovely smiling people. Go now before it becomes old hat!

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