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Are you among the many thousands of people who won’t be jetting off to their dream destinations this summer because of a fear of flying? According to Anxiety UK an estimated 1 in 10 people in the UK are afraid to fly, although they do say that some studies suggest it may be as high as 1 in 5.

In today’s world many of us take flying for granted. We think nothing of hopping on a plane to visit relatives, take business trips or explore exotic locations. It’s easy – and cheap – to grab a last minute week in the sun. And it can be really rewarding.

But what if you can’t, because of a fear of flying? The chances are that you will either holiday at home, take a cruise that leaves from a UK port or drive into Europe. Your options are limited by geography, how long you can take out and how far you can get in that time. If you’re someone who yearns to see the world, or for a family dying to get some sun, this can be limiting.

Take a fear of flying course

Lots of airlines offer fear of flying courses that aim to get you in the air in just a day. Virgin, for example, announced this week that they would offer free courses for people booking flights with them. Then, if the course didn’t work they would offer a full refund. It shows how much faith they have in their ‘Flying Without Fear’ course and, of course, in you.

The offer is now closed, but you can still book a fear of flying course with any number of airlines. British Airways offer courses from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester at a cost of £329. This includes lunch and a flight to get you started on your flying career. Virgin’s courses cost just £267 and can be taken at Leeds Bradford, Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham.

High success rate

Virgin claims a 98% success rate on its course, which is astounding. They also claim to have helped people from age 4 to 87 (to date) and claim that millions of people suffer from aerophobia. British Airways claim to have put 50,000 people through their course in the last 30 years.

So how about it? Is 2018 your year for checking in to that flight of fancy? We hope so. And if it is, and you book that once in a lifetime trip to somewhere fabulous, don’t forget about taking travel cover with us. We cover people up to the age of 100 on single trips and can cover 1000s of pre-existing medical conditions.




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