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A new EU initiative has been announced to give up to 20,000 18-year-olds European interrail tickets for free. It gives you the chance to discover a whopping thirty countries across an entire continent without paying a penny for the journey. Not bad for something worth around £415. 

The ability to backpack gratis through the rich history of Europe is a dream come true for adventurous young travellers. It’s hoped that the venture will give Europe’s tourism trade a healthy boost and reignite the passion for European travel.

There’s lots to love about Europe

Time was that schlepping around Europe with a backpack was a highly desirable rite of passage for many young adults. Then cheap air travel took off. Today’s young adults are more likely to sate their hunger for adventure in Bali than Berlin; Thailand rather than Turin.

That’s a shame. Because Europe has an awful lot to offer. And when you factor in free train travel, Europe’s fluttering eyelashes become hard to resist. With a smorgasbord of countries and cultures crammed in to the continent, the possibilities are almost limitless. From France’s vineyards to the snow-capped peaks of Austria and Italy’s buzzing streets, there’s a wealth of experience just waiting to be discovered as you step off the platform.

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Born in the year 2000? Register for your free ticket.

Sounds good? As you might expect, the new initiative is proving popular. Any EU citizen born in the year 2000 can register for a free interrail ticket. What better way to crown your arrival at adulthood? Nip across the water to mainland Europe and explore up to thirty different countries. Nice.

But before you train-hop from Budapest to Bratislava, don’t forget to arrange reliable backpacker travel insurance. A good-quality policy is important because it means if something unexpected happens, you won’t be left out of pocket.

Need to cancel the trip of a lifetime at the last minute? With World First you can claim back your travel and accommodation costs. Same if your passport, cash or baggage is lost or stolen. There’s even an option to add comprehensive gadget cover to your policy. After all, those envy-inducing travel snaps aren’t going to take themselves - nor upload themselves to Instagram.

World First policies also come with lots of cover for the really important stuff. That includes up to £10 million for medical expenses, £1 million personal liability cover and up to £10,000 legal expenses. That’s more than enough to help you travel in confidence - and bring peace of mind to your parents too. Unlike many other travel insurers, we don’t massively inflate our premiums if you are travelling with a medical condition. In fact we provide cover for thousands of conditions at a price that’s fair.

Arranging your policy takes as little as five minutes and can be done online or by phone (call us on 0345 90 80 161).

Don’t go without us...!

Your adventure begins this summer. Apply for a ticket now and hop on board. And remember you can bag comprehensive backpacker travel insurance that won’t break the bank with Once that’s sorted, you’ve only one question left to ask yourself: where to start?

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