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Some people believe the name Easter harks back to German pagan traditions celebrating the goddess Eostra. She was revered for bringing spring and fertility on the spring equinox, with rabbits used to symbolise her.

Where does the Easter bunny live? (It’s closer to home than Santa.)

You know where St Nicholas lives. That’s well documented. As for the Easter Bunny? Hmm, that’s a tough one. But we’ve got a hunch - and it’s closer to home than Lapland. Let’s take a look at the evidence...

Best events around Europe (and beyond) for Easter 2017

Best events around Europe (and beyond) for Easter 2017

There’s more to Easter than chocolate, hot cross buns and more chocolate. Discover the enchantment of centuries-old religious festivals. Get quirky with wonderfully weird Easter events. Or simply jet off to escape the scurrilous foil scrunching of another Easter treasure …

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